After four years of being a mom I have learned quite a lot about how important self care is. I was so used to taking care of myself before, but once I had a baby all of that changed. All my attention went to that baby and eventually not taking care of myself led to always feeling depressed and extremely insecure. Fast forward to now and I am happy and feeling better than ever. All thanks to giving myself a little more attention. I realized I was a strong, bad ass, and powerful woman. A new show that I am currently watching, Queen of the South, inspired me to share a few ideas to help you feel like a queen and slay life. Whether you are a mama or not I have a feeling these will work for you too!



Happy Friday!! I am currently online shopping for summer clothes and I am so glad I shopped this past weekend because I got great deals on a few items. It rained yesterday and today it is feeling crazy humid. I don't think I will be able to wear jeans much longer!😭 Totally random but Nashville returned last night and I didn't watch. I am still depressed over Rayna! Anywho, on to something that keeps my mind off everything negative in this world, a few faves!πŸ˜‚ I recently added a new tab on the blog designated for all of my recent purchases, and hoping to do a few more updates to refresh this space of mine. Check the shop tab at the top of my page for style, beauty, home dΓ©cor, and littles shopping! xo



Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to wish all of you amazing mama birds a wonderful Mother's Day!! Being Evan's mama is the best gift in the world. Motherhood has brought so much joy to my life. Connecting with other moms through blogging and Instagram makes motherhood even better. I wish I could send all of you flowers on this very special day. Happy Mother's Day!!! 😘

My sweet sister asked Evan a few question about me and this how he answered. His answers made me laugh and ever tear up a bit so I had to share. Give it a try and see what your kiddos answer. 😍



Summer is right around the corner and that has us really excited. Lately we have been spending a lot of time outdoors, going for walks, or just to enjoy the weather making us anxious for summer. We are ready to go swimming, enjoy a cold treat on a hot summer day, or have a family water balloon fight. There is so much to do during the summer. As I am prepping for summer I realized I have a few items that will be my go-to on those hot summer days. Three things that I am loving, especially for summer and I think all my mama friends will agree.


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