Nessa's World: 2012




I'm a MOM!!!

Evan Ray is finally here! These last two months have been hectic! I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on November 16th. He weighed 8 pounds and was 20 3/4 inches long. Giving birth should be a beautiful experience. Motherhood has been amazing. Just leaving a quick update, but I hope I have more time on my hands so I can post on my lovely blog. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying this holiday season with my lovely family. I thank God everyday for such a magical year. Hope you're enjoying your holiday season as well! Have a beautiful day!

Make Room For Baby!

It's crazy how fast these past nine months have gone by! I'd thought I would share a couple pictures from my baby shower last week. I had so much fun, the decor and photography was amazing. Wish me luck my due date is basically here. I'm psyched yet nervous, but I know I'm ready! Thanks so much for stopping by.

XO Nessa


ASOS Maternity

To be completely honest I refuse to purchase maternity clothes. I just haven't found anything that's my style. Before I was pregnant I had purchased a couple of tops from ASOS, but had no idea that they had a maternity line. I was browsing through their website to see what new products they were getting in for fall and came across the word maternity! I'm so excited to place an order. I'm in love with everything. I picked out my favorite pieces and thought I'd share. I know for pregnant women it is harder to find fashionable clothes that suits our body. Also we don't want to spend so much on something that we won't wear again. ASOS has great prices and I know for a fact I would wear their pieces after pregnancy. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks so much for reading!

xo Nessa


MY top 10 pregnancy must haves!!

1. Bio-Oil: MUST HAVE! This product works magic on my skin. Stretch marks were my number one concern when I found out I was pregnant, and this product has saved my life. I was only able to find it at CVS, but you can always purchase it online if you have trouble finding it where you live. I apply it every morning and night. I am 8 months pregnant and stretch mark free!
2. TUMS: It doesn't matter what I eat I have guaranteed heartburn everyday! I pop tums like crazy. I carry tums with me everywhere. I seriously don't know what I would do without them. They contain calcium and are yummy which is a plus in my book.
3. NAIL FILER: Thanks to my prenatal vitamins my nails grow extremely fast. I am really enjoying this because I normally have short nails, but I don't like my nails to be extra long either so I'm constantly filing my nails down. One thing is for sure my nails are always looking cute!
4. BRIGHT LIPSTICK: I think that makeup is the best accessory for any girl especially if you're pregnant. I am always wearing red lips but pink tones are my favorite. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't look pretty.
5. ELASTIC BELT: I had a pencil skirt that came with an elastic belt and it's my best friend! I can wear my pants or shorts without having to buckle them up and still be comfortable. The best part is that I didn't have to buy any maternity pants thanks to this belt. You can find these anywhere. It doesn't necessarily have to be a maternity belt as long as it's extra stretchy.
6. PILLOW: I didn't buy a body pillow because I can sleep very good at night. I did however have to buy a pillow to support my back. My back pains are no joke, and when I'm watching TV or just relaxing this pillow makes my back feel amazing. Whether it be a body pillow or just a fluffy pillow get one! It will help you immensely.
7. COMFORTABLE SHOES: During summer I would wear sandals, but now that fall is basically here and so is my due date I bought a comfy pair of boots that I can wear outside of work and to work. They have an elastic going up the back of the boot which is a plus because my legs feel swollen as well as my feet. I am all about being comfortable, but still looking cute.
8. JEGGINGS/ LEGGINGS: I have so many of these. I absolutely love them. I feel comfortable and cute all day long! No need to buy maternity clothes!
9. PREGNANCY APP/ BOOK: My boyfriend and I are always keeping each other updated on my pregnancy. This is our first baby so we have no idea what it's going to be like. Reading about giving birth and having a baby really helps us get an idea of what to expect. I like to keep myself informed, otherwise I don't know what I would do.
10. SUPPORTIVE BRA: My breast grew so big so I had to invest on a good/comfortable bra. I need as much support as I can get. My number one rule be comfortable and look pretty.
Thanks for reading. Hope this helps if you are ever pregnant. I am enjoying every minute of my pregnancy, and will be updating frequently. Posting outfits and much more. Have a fabulous day!