Nessa's World: June 2013




July Wish List!

1. Evan still doesn't have a high chair. I have done so much research to find the perfect high chair and this is the winner. The Bloom Fresco high chair is a must have. It is pricey but I'm all about quality. I know this chair will last a long time (for my future babies).

2. It is officially Summer and Texas heat is killer. Evan defiantly needs a little pool so he splash and cool down on a hot Summer day!

3. I am discovering all these wonderful entrepreneur moms on Etsy. I am currently obsessing over these Salt City Emporium baby leggings. They are to die for. Each legging is handmade and from 100% USA grown organic cotton jersey. Every baby should own a pair. I am excited to try them out on Evan. 

4. If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you don't know I'm officially obsessed with Freshly Picked Moccasins. We received our Butterscotch pair about a week and a half ago. Evan has been wearing them ever since. They match with everything! I want every color, but Smoke will be the next purchase for sure!

5. Evan is 7 and a half months and is officially crawling. I think it is time to get him a walker. I'm screaming of joy. Evan's dad really wants the Combi All in one activity walker in the color black.
 I think it's super cute and perfect for my little man.


So chic!

How cute are these shoes? These shoes will defiantly be purchased this month. The gold plate on the ankle strap sold me. It makes this shoe look so chic. 
The fact that theses are $40 makes this pair of pumps a must have! 
Where to buy? Lulus!


Happy First Day of Summer!

Today was not a good picture day for me, and I still haven't fixed my camera. I had to work with these pictures. I originally had my hair down, but it was way too hot. On another note, I'm so excited that Summer is finally here! I had to get this outfit out of the way before it gets extremely hot. I wore something similar last month for my birthday. I love the way neutrals and leopard look together! Enjoy! 

Trench-coat: Tobi // Top: Tobi // Shorts: American Eagle (similar) // Shoes: MIA // Cuff: Bakers
Happy Summer 2013!!! Muahhh!

Seven months already?!

Evan is seven months! Time is going by so fast, he is getting so big. I feel like he looks like a two year old because he's so long, but then again I am short. haha We had fun taking pictures today. We are so ready to see Evan's daddy. We miss him! Happy Father's Day! Thanks for stopping by! 

Evan did not want to take pictures!

Top knot gone wild!! ^^^ haha
 Can you tell I'm obsessed with stripes?


Casual Friday!

We decided to celebrate Father's Day a little earlier, because my boyfriend is going out of town for work. We cooked out for him and made this day all about him. Our outfits are casual and comfy, perfect for the occasion. Today was a beautiful day so we took advantage and took pictures with my broken camera. :( Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to follow my blog! Thanks for stopping by!

 Blazer: Michael Kors
Top: Forever 21 (similar)
Boyfriend Jeans: Decree (similar)
Sandals: Lulus

Cardigan: Baby Gap
Shirt: Was a gift
Shorts: Zara (similar)
Loafers: Baby Gap

NYX Mega Sale!

Hi there, just stopping by to let you know Style 21 is having a fabulous sale! All NYX items are 40% OFF! Yes 40% OFF. I absolutely love NYX makeup. Their items are great quality and affordable. If you're needing new makeup now is the time to go shopping! You can't beat this deal! Thought I'd share since I just received an email. The sale ends June 14, 2013. Use the code NYX40 at checkout. I'll leave my favorite NYX products down below! What NYX products do you recommend? Thanks for stopping by.


Teething Baby!

Evan is teething and he has been extra fussy all weekend. My boyfriend tries to help me, but Evan only wants mom. He falls asleep in my arms and will wake up and cry if I lay him down. I misplaced his orajel so his teething toys were all I had to help soothe his itchy gum. I'm hoping this won't last too long because it can be a bit stressful. I know teething is different with every baby, but what did you do when your baby was teething? Any suggestions? Evan has his first play date this weekend, and I hope he's back to normal by then. Thanks for stopping by!


A Little Blueberry GIVEAWAY!

I love browsing around and reading other mommy blogs on my free time. I love reading other mom's opinion on baby products or their motherhood experiences. I came across Allison's blog and I must say I love it! Her blog got a makeover and she's doing a GIVEAWAY! She is giving away a pair of freshly picked moccasins (my current obsession). Head on over to her blog and Instagram, click that follow button, and repost! You have until Friday 6 pm MST! Hurry! Hope you enjoy her blog.

Don't forget to read her review on freshly picked moccasins!