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A Little Blueberry GIVEAWAY!

I love browsing around and reading other mommy blogs on my free time. I love reading other mom's opinion on baby products or their motherhood experiences. I came across Allison's blog and I must say I love it! Her blog got a makeover and she's doing a GIVEAWAY! She is giving away a pair of freshly picked moccasins (my current obsession). Head on over to her blog and Instagram, click that follow button, and repost! You have until Friday 6 pm MST! Hurry! Hope you enjoy her blog.

Don't forget to read her review on freshly picked moccasins!


  1. Yay, thanks! I may end the giveaway at 6pm Arizona time tomorrow so there's more time to enter! Wahoooo!

  2. Perfect! I'll post on Instagram as well! :)