Nessa's World: January 2014





It's Friday already? Time slow down, I'm losing track of my days. I've been a little stressed this week, but the weekend is here so I'm requesting a all about mommy day. I need it! Here are our five! 

(ONE) Headbands: 
I've tried really hard to stick to one of my New Years resolution(taking care of me) and so far so good. There are days where I can't fix my hair so a headband does the trick. I am currently obsessed with Three Bird Nest headbands! 

(TWO) Baby boy boots
I have been looking for a pair of boots for Evan, and I finally found a pair. These are from the Children's Place and were only $8. I got a size too big because I'm not familiar with their sizing. I will be purchasing a smaller size so Evan can wear now. 

(THREE) No more booster seat:
This guy is getting so big. His high chair came with a boosts seat, but he is so long that I can't put him in or out of it. He's loving it, me not so much. Stop growing kid! 

(FOUR) Favorite shows:
After Evan falls asleep, my boyfriend and I love to catch up on our shows. We have so many shows on our DVR. New Girl and Parenthood are currently our favorite. What shows do you watch? Any recommendations? 

(FIVE) Crayons: 
I finally introduced Evan to crayons. He's getting better at not putting everything in his mouth so I figured he was ready. He's been drawing away. Now the only problem is if he finds a pencil or a marker he wants it and won't let go. He's turning into a little rebel. That little face says it all. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you Darci, Liz, and all the other hosts for this link-up. Xoxo


In honor or throw back Thursday, I put this look together. I hope to continue this from now on. Every Thursday I'll put together a throw back look.

I have been on a hunt for a pair of sandals similar to the ones Kourtney is wearing for YEARS! Kourtney is wearing Givenchy jelly sandals that retailed for $175, and I found a pair for $50. I was determined to find them for about a year and then I just gave up. I'm talking like two or three years ago. I can't believe it, this sandal is meant for me. It's obvious I have to purchase in every color. I am so ready for Spring!!! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4


I am so excited to link-up with Ashley and Jess. This link-up is so sweet, it's all about enjoying the little things. It's crazy how a little smile can transform a person. Since day one Evan's smile has changed me in ways I never thought anyone could. His smile brightens my day and makes everything better. I wouldn't have it any other way. That little smile is magic, it's a daily reminder of how fortunate I am. It helps me remain positive in the worst situations/ frustrations.

The unpredictable smiles are the best. The ones where he just stares at me and gives me that ear to ear smile. Those are the ones that reassure me that I'm doing a good job being his mom. It amazes me how such a small action can cause such a huge impression in my life. This weekend Evan was sick. Seeing him sick is one of the worst feelings. I was hoping for a smile to make me feel a little better. Luckily this boy is a trooper. Being sick did not phase him. His smiles are priceless, they make me feel like the luckiest girl in the universe. After all it's the little things that make life more enjoyable. 



I am all about feeling comfortable yet fashionable. This is pretty much my day to day wardrobe. I am currently obsessed with flats. Although I love heels, they are not convenient when you're running around trying to keep up with a one year old. I saw these amazing flats and I automatically came up with so many outfits. I don't own a pair of purple shoes, therefore I need these and this entire outfit. HAPPY WEEKEND! 

Casual and Chic

Topshop tall t shirt

Leith fringe shawl



Happy Friday y'all! I finally have my laptop back. Blogging from my phone has been no fun. This week was great and like every other week it went by too fast. I think I have more than five favorites this week, but I've narrowed it down. A huge thanks to April, Darci, and the other lovely ladies for this link-up. xoxo

[ONE] Enjoying nature:
We took advantage of the beautiful weather this week and went for a walk. I can't explain Evan's excitement when we play outside. He is full of joy and contentment. I try to hold his hand or carry him and he runs away. He does not want anyone to interrupt his play time outside, I think it's adorable. We really cherish family time and capturing unforgettable moments with our mini.

[TWO] Sole Society:
EVERY girl should have a pair of purple shoes. These are on another level of cuteness. Wearing heels with a one year old can be challenging at times. Therefore I have been sticking to adorable flats. I have been eyeing these all week... I need these in my life!!

 [THREE] Lip Tint:
Lip tints/ lip balms are my thing right now. Let's face it, there are days that make up is not an option and I hate that. I always like to look presentable, it doesn't matter where I'm going.  Sometimes all you need is a little color on the lips to look fabulous. I can't live with out my tarte lip tints. They are my go to lip products.

[FOUR] Cobalt Suede Moccasins:
I forgot we had this color. Evan has been wearing these all week. This color really brings an outfit together.

[FIVE] Water:
I have been good this week and only drinking water. I always drink water but not enough. I've put a stop to my bad habits and I am feeling great. Slowly but surely I will be at my ideal weight.

What you don't want to miss:

I came across this Beauty Bag Goodie Swap hosted by Brittany and Kayla. I think it's such a fun and creative way to meet new bloggers. I love shopping for other people, and I love surprises so this is perfect for me. Visit their blogs for all the details!

This is the sweetest link-up I have came across. Hosted by Ashley and Jess. Check out their blog for details and join the fun.


Today I have the most fabulous Mom and Daughter duo guest blogging. The moment I followed Ashley's blog I fell in love with their style. She is sharing with us her fashion tips and tricks. Thank you Ashley for putting this amazing post together. 

Please help me by showing these two some love!

Hi everyone, I am Ashley from Words About Waverly.
I am a Fashion Marketing teacher who loves fashion, design & any type of celebration!  My husband & I live in Virginia Beach, VA, the same place we met fifteen years ago in math class.  We have a 17-month old daughter, Waverly Maye, who is the absolute love & center of our lives.

I was super excited when Nessa asked me to guest post.  I just recently started following her blog, but just love reading updates on her sweet family & especially her little man, Evan.  He is just too cute for words & if we ever have a little boy one day, I'm convinced I would dress him very similar to how she dresses Evan.  Baby boy has got some style, & we all know that means his fab mama does, too. :)  

Nessa asked me to talk about mom & daughter fashion, which if you know me, is totally my passion!  Many people say that when you become a mom you lose your sense of fashion & that definitely didn't happen for me (although I'm pretty sure my husband & my wallet wish it had!).  While my style has definitely changed, I still love to dress up, to feel good, & to keep up with the latest trends.  Only now, it's my best accessory who always steals the show. ;)

I confess, many days of the week Waverly Maye & I are coordinating in some way.  I'm not always proud of it & my husband officially thinks I have lost my mind, but I cannot help myself!  I just love matching my mini at least in some way ... even if that is just with a similar color palette, piece of clothing, or a certain print.


It really is so easy for us to have a cohesive look because really, our closets look very similar.  I have found that when it comes to Waverly's wardrobe, I tend to stick with looks that are "mini" versions of things that I would wear.  Classic, feminine & mostly neutral pieces with a trendy twist ... looks that you can wear over & over but that can be dressed up or down & given an unexpected update really easily!
I have rounded up some of our go-to items, the must-haves that we couldn't (or wouldn't want to!) live without!:

1: Sam Edelman Booties, 2: Denim Dress, 3: Faux Leather Jacket, 4: Next Peplum Top, 5: Denim Playsuit, 6: Braided Leather Boots, 7: , 8: Textured Cable Knit Cardigan
All of these items are either from Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, Next or Gap ... all of which I would classify as our very favorite places to shop!  You really don't have to spend a fortune to look fashionable, & that is obviously more important than ever when it comes to these sweet little ones who are growing by the minute. I'm just hoping that as Waverly does, she doesn't move into the I am dressing myself in whatever I want phase.  I clearly am not even a little bit ready for that one. I am loving this (& her!) way too much!! 

Thanks again to Nessa for having me & for sharing my passion for fashion, for both us & our littles!  We hope everyone is having the BEST 2014 so far, I would love for you to stop by the blog & follow along! :) 


I am the worst when it comes to Evan's monthly updates. I thought it would be a great idea to begin this not only for you to read but for myself. I tend to forget the little things, and this is a great way to keep up with how fast my little guy is growing. 
GROWTH: Evan weighs 22 pounds and 31 inches tall. He is currently wearing 12-18 months. 
CURRENT WORDS AND OTHER MILESTONES: Oh my where to begin. He talks so much. His favorite words are agua(water), jugo(juice), auto(car), mama, papa, broom broom, quack, moo, uh uh ah ah, along with many other unknown words and sounds. He is starting to imitate all words and movements. Dad really has to watch his words now days. Haha Evan oficially started walking at 12 months, and now he is almost running. We are currently working on body parts and the number 1,2, and 3. He amazes me every single day. He is a little smarty pants. 
TEETH AND SLEEP: He has 12 teeth total. He takes one long nap or two short naps during the day. I put him to sleep around 9 p.m. and since I'm still breastfeeding he wakes up 2-3 times at night to feed. The latest he will sleep in is until 8-8:30 a.m. On rare occasions until 9 a.m. 
FAVORITE FOOD: Beans, carrots, green beans, chicken, and strawberries. He loves to snack on yogurt or any fruit. Honestly he will eat just about anything. I will confess I struggled in the beginning. I was convinced he was a picky eater, until his pediatrician informed me that there was no such thing as a picky eater. She told me to give him everything and anything. If he rejected that specific food to give him something else and eventually try that same food again. Her advice has worked great. 
FAVORITE TOYS AND ACTIVITIES: He loves being outside. I think he'd rather explore outside than be inside with his toys. He loves reading books and talking on the phone. He was given this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy as a birthday gift and he's been obsessed ever since. Anything with shapes and blocks will keep him entertained. He loves taking baths and being with mom. 
LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: He isn't a fan of diaper and outfit changes. He moves and screams until it's over. I have to sing for him to hold still. 

EXTRA COMMENTS: Watching him grow is the best feeling ever. He is active and so smart. Everything fascinates him and watching him explore is so exciting. We consider ourselves very lucky. 


I can't believe it's Friday. This week went by so fast for us. It usually does when we are out and about. Hope you are having a great week! Xo 
[ONE] No time for clothes-
Evan's favorite thing to do this week. I have to chase him around our home because he refuses to put clothes on. This week I just let him be. I let him play in his diaper for a little bit and then it's  time to get dressed. This has been our morning routine. 
[TWO] Funny Faces-
I am loving this. He looks so adorable! My home has been full of laughs all week thanks to this guy. 
[THREE] All about ABS-
I am on a mission to get my abs back. I have been doing these exercises along with others. It's only been a week, but I'm feeling great! 
[FOUR] Hanging out with Bella-
One thing Evan loves more than anything is visiting his cousin Isabella. They are inseparable. They are so cute together.
[FIVE] Home cooked meals-
We have been so good about not eating out this week, really all month. Home cooked meals are the best!
Special thanks to all the lovely link up hosts! Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend! Xo

20 UNDER $20

After the holidays I have avoided going shopping. January has been my month to save money. We all know it's inevitable to stay away. Especially if you're addicted to online shopping like myself. I try my best to shop on sale when it comes to my stuff. I spend more money on Evan's clothes and I'm fine with that because I always find great deals on my things. I decided to challenge myself and find twenty items under twenty dollars. I am so surprised with all the items that I found. I want everything on my list. I won't purchase these items all at once, but they are things I am currently lusting over. 
20 UNDER $20