Nessa's World: FIVE ON FRIDAY





Happy Friday y'all! I finally have my laptop back. Blogging from my phone has been no fun. This week was great and like every other week it went by too fast. I think I have more than five favorites this week, but I've narrowed it down. A huge thanks to April, Darci, and the other lovely ladies for this link-up. xoxo

[ONE] Enjoying nature:
We took advantage of the beautiful weather this week and went for a walk. I can't explain Evan's excitement when we play outside. He is full of joy and contentment. I try to hold his hand or carry him and he runs away. He does not want anyone to interrupt his play time outside, I think it's adorable. We really cherish family time and capturing unforgettable moments with our mini.

[TWO] Sole Society:
EVERY girl should have a pair of purple shoes. These are on another level of cuteness. Wearing heels with a one year old can be challenging at times. Therefore I have been sticking to adorable flats. I have been eyeing these all week... I need these in my life!!

 [THREE] Lip Tint:
Lip tints/ lip balms are my thing right now. Let's face it, there are days that make up is not an option and I hate that. I always like to look presentable, it doesn't matter where I'm going.  Sometimes all you need is a little color on the lips to look fabulous. I can't live with out my tarte lip tints. They are my go to lip products.

[FOUR] Cobalt Suede Moccasins:
I forgot we had this color. Evan has been wearing these all week. This color really brings an outfit together.

[FIVE] Water:
I have been good this week and only drinking water. I always drink water but not enough. I've put a stop to my bad habits and I am feeling great. Slowly but surely I will be at my ideal weight.

What you don't want to miss:

I came across this Beauty Bag Goodie Swap hosted by Brittany and Kayla. I think it's such a fun and creative way to meet new bloggers. I love shopping for other people, and I love surprises so this is perfect for me. Visit their blogs for all the details!

This is the sweetest link-up I have came across. Hosted by Ashley and Jess. Check out their blog for details and join the fun.


  1. THOSE FLATS ARE ADORABLE. and the baby mocs. SO CUTE!
    happy friday, gorgeous! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing our Beauty Bag swap!

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