Nessa's World: February 2014





YAY, it's FRIDAY!!! Let's get this party started... Here are our five!! 

[ONE] Lazy:
You guys, Evan and I have been sooo lazy!!! We have been at my parents house all week, and we don't want to do anything. I've been in my pjs all week with my hair up in my messy mommy bun. I'm so ready for the weekend. 

[TWO] Catching up on my music:
After having Evan, I have been living under a rock. I have no idea what kind of music is in, or who has a new song out. I've been listening to baby music for over a year. I'm putting a stop to it, and finally listening to some BeyoncĂ©. Haha I heart radio is currently my best friend. We jam out every night. 

[THREE] Honest Company: 
Evan developed a rash on my tummy about two months ago. I was terrified, but luckily Evan's pediatrician informed me that it more than likely an allergic reaction to scented products. Evan's skin is extremely sensitive. Since I've cut all scented products, Evan's skin has cleared up. This week I ordered a couple of Honest products. I've heard nothing but positive reviews, so I am psyched to give them a try. 

[FOUR] Motivation:
There are days that finding some kind of motivation is extremely hard. This week I have put an old picture as my background on my phone to give me a boost of energy. Just a constant reminder of how I can look if I don't drink a soda. Haha 

[FIVE] Spring:
Is Spring here yet? I am so ready! This image pretty much sums up Spring for me. I love, love color! I will be welcoming Spring with open arms. 

Found via Pinterest 

Thanks Darci, Liz, and all the other lovely hosts for this link-up. Enjoy your weekend!!! Xoxoxoxo



Last month I joined a Beauty Bag goodie swap hosted by Fabulously Faint and Boy, oh {mamas} boys. I was paired up with Kelly from Big Apples, Little Bites. I am a beauty fanatic, so I knew this away would be so much fun. Thanks so much Kelly, I love my surprise package and your sweet card. 


What's in my bag: 

1. Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit
2. Sally Hansen nail polish strips in #360 Laced Up
3. Nutra Nail speed dry top coat 
4. A Cut Above by Essie 
5. Sally Hanses nail art kit

Check out Kelly's blog and see what I sent her!! Xoxo 


I'm seriously obsessed with trying to capture all these amazing moments with Evan. I'm so bummed that he is 15 months old, but they say time flies by when you're having a good time. I am committed to updating every month, because I don't want to forget any milestone he's accomplished. I just find it crazy how much kids learn in one month. Evan says and understands so much more. I speak to him in Spanish and his dad in English. He says words in both languages and understands us both. I am so proud of my little Evan. 

GROWTH: Evan is 22 pounds and 4 ounces(50th percentile). He is 31 inches tall(70th percentile), his stats haven't really changed since his 12 month check up. He is wearing 12-18 months and size 3 diapers.


CURRENT WORDS AND OTHER MILESTONES: Evan is beginning to talk so much. We always ask him his age and he replies with "uno"(one), while holding up his little finger. He loves it when we ask, because what baby doesn't love a huge round of applause. When I prepare his meals he calls them chicken. He loves chicken and now everything he eats is referred to as chicken. His favorite words are "catch it" and "ball", he says them all day whether he's throwing a ball or his toys. He sings along to Row Row Row your boat. He loves to "shhhh" everyone, he wants to be the only one talking, up, and bye bye are the newest words he's learned. He recognizes the color rojo(red) and dancing is his thing. I try my best to find activities that will help him learn all his body parts, numbers, and colors. Overall this guy is extremely active and smart.

TEETH AND SLEEP: 12 teeth and I see two more coming in. His sleep has been horrible lately. He's been waking up constantly and I'm very close to beginning the weaning process. As much as I enjoy it, I can't help but feel a little stressed. I can't wait to have a full 8 hours of sleep. 

FAVORITE FOOD: He loves chicken, all fruits, toast bread with peanut butter or nutella, all veggies, beans, and lentils are his favorite. He is obsessed with yogurt and breast milk. Haha When I sit him in his high chair he knows it's time to eat.

FAVORITE TOYS/ACTIVITIES: Blocks, leggos, and shape puzzles are the only toys that will keep him busy. He loves sitting on his chair to watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Peter Pan. He has a lot of favorite toys/activities, but once he steps outdoors he forgets about all of them. Evan is obsessed with collecting sticks. I find it so gross, but his dad says I have to let him be a boy. As long as they don't go in his mouth I'll be okay. We take a trip to the park every weekend and he really enjoys that. I put together a few items that have been our favorite this month, really for the past few months.These items make our days easier. 

LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Diaper changes are a nightmare. Getting ready for bed is no fun either. He despises dress up time, he'd rather run around naked. Other than that he is one happy 15 month old.

EXTRA COMMENTS: Evan Ray, you are such an amazing little man. I am so thankful to have you. On my rough days you are my little reminder that life is beautiful. You remind me to smile when I'm sad and laugh when I'm angry. You are crazy adorable, silly, and smart. I am cherishing every second with you. I will always be there for you. Te quiero!!

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TGIF! I'm ready for some family quality time. The weather has been gorgeous and we will be taking advantage. We don't have anything planned except a nice trip to the park. I hope you had a great week, here are our five! 

[ONE] Camo Moccs: 
Freshly Picked does it again. I almost had a mini heart attack when I saw these. I am in awe with these babies. Camo all day everyday! Unfortunately they are sold out, but they will be available next week. 

[TWO] Never Grow Up:
During my free time I am constantly writing or doodling in my journal. I am in the process of redecorating Evan's room, and I created this special print to hang by his reading area. The perfect quote to remind Evan to never grow up. I have seen a few prints with this same quote, and I'm never a huge fan of the font. I figured I would just create my own. Now, I am on a hunt for the perfect frame.
[THREE] Mini Rodini:
I am obsessed with Mini Rodini's Spring/Summer line. The giraffe print is by far my favorite. I'm sure I'll be purchasing a couple items once the boyfriend gives me the "ok" to shop again. Haha

[FOUR] Crown search:
I have been on a hunt for a knitted crown for a while now and so far no luck. I originally wanted the Wild Things crown by Oeuf. Unfortunately it's sold out everywhere. I found a similar one on etsy, if I can't find an alternative I'll have to go with this one. Isn't it adorable??  

[FIVE] Big Boots:
These boots are one size too big for Evan and he still insists on wearing them. He will scream like a crazy person until I put them on him. I can't help but laugh, he is so adorable! 

Enjoy your weekend!! Thank you DarciLiz, and all the other hosts for this link-up. Xoxo



I remember every one telling me that having a boy would be hard work. I would always smile and never think anything of it. Now that Evan is 15 months I know exactly what they meant. Evan is crazy! Haha He is all over the place and leaves a mess behind him. I think most kids are like this, but I have a feeling boys are just messier. My niece can sit down and feed herself with her little spoon(mess free), but Evan ditches the silverware and digs in.

Boy oh boy! He begins eating with his spoon and before you know it that spoon is gone and the mess begins. We both think it's the funniest thing ever and just laugh our butts off. I try to avoid cooking anything with sauces or mashed potatoes, those cause the biggest mess. Regardless, the mess is inevitable. I can't say that I love the cleaning process, but I do love that Evan enjoys eating and giving mom a hard time. 

I have been bathing him more than usual and he's loving it. Laundry has piled up but that's on a regular basis. Although I'm loving the mess, I am on a mission to get ideas on how to keep him as clean as possible. I'm really enjoying these little moments with my Evan, they are priceless. 

Thank you Ashley and Jess for this link-up! Wishing you all a fabulous Wednesday!! Xoxo



Our Valentines Day party was a success. The kids were very impatient while everything was being set up. We didn't let them see anything until it was ready. When they walked in they were in awe. It was such a priceless moment. They had no idea what to grab or eat first. They both went straight for the cupcakes. They had a bag full of Valentines day goodies. I think we were all on a sugar rush... We stuffed our faces with sweets.

 I am so glad I got to spend this day with my loves. It was such a special day. Seeing their ecstatic faces was the highlight of my day. I am a bit bummed that my boyfriend and I didn't get to celebrate today, but I know this weekend will be all about us. Happy VDay from my family to yours! Xoxo



While all the little kids are running around in their cute Valentine's day wardrobe, Evan has been wearing all colors except red or pink. So I figured I would throw some red on him today. My sisters and I have a Valentine's Day party planned for the kiddos tomorrow. Evan doesn't eats sweets, only on rare occasions, tomorrow being one of them. I know he is going to love it. The boyfriend and I don't have any plans for now. He works, so we decided to celebrate a little later this year. I did however tell him to browse my blog for any gift ideas. He is so bad about following my lists. He never gives me anything on my list, which I don't mind because I love surprises, but sometimes you just have to stick to the list. haha 


I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones. Eat extra cheesecake and stuff your face with cupcakes and cookies. Holidays are always a great excuse for a cheat day. Right? Happy Valentine's Day lovers! xoxo

Evan's Outfit
Beanie: Gap // Cardi: H&M // Shirt: Nununu // Jeans: H&M // Moccs: Freshly Picked


Evan is almost fifteen months and he is still breastfeeding and sleeping with us. I am a proud supporter of co sleeping. It's not for everyone, and it definitely comes with its challenges. I absolutely love having him next to me and waking up to his craziness. This week he has been constantly waking up at night to feed. It's normally one to two times at night, the past few days it's been every two hours. I think he does this once a month and then gets right back to his normal schedule. Although I'm not getting enough sleep, as crazy as this might sound, I've been enjoying this beautiful time with him. There are days when all I want to do is sleep, but then I realize that this little guy won't be little forever. He nurses for five to ten minutes ands rolls over to kick dad. Haha 

Late night nursing sessions are precious moments that make me cherish being a mom. I might drink a whole jug of coffee and my eyes may have the darkest circles ever, but I wouldn't trade these moments for anything in the world. 

Thank you Ashely and Jess for the sweetest link-up.



This past week I have been online like a crazy person seeking a job that will allow me to work from home. I want to be with my babe just a little longer. I just pray that I'm lucky enough to land a job that will allow this. If you have any ideas/suggestions please throw them my way, I would greatly appreciate it. The weekend fun is now over and it's back to job hunting, and mommy duties of course. I put together my Monday go to look. We are expecting rain/ice today so I definitely want to stay warm and cozy. I have so much going on this week I might stay in my rain boots all week long. Happy Monday friends!! Xoxo 


This past few days have been extra lazy. We have been in our pjs all day long. I have been loving it and I think Evan has too. All three of us have been snuggled up by the fire and really enjoyed staying in. We love taking Evan out and about, but sometimes lazy days are the best. 

We get to spend quality time together and not have to worry about anything else. Work, bills, the mess, and dressing up are never on our mind when we are with each other. We just enjoy being together. These are the little moments I truly cherish. A huge thanks to Ashley and Jess for this  sweet link-up. Xoxo



The month of Love is here! I never ask for anything, this year I am being a little expensive and asking for a new camera. Cross your fingers that I get it. Haha Here are a few items we are lusting over. Xoxo