Nessa's World: MESSY BOY





I remember every one telling me that having a boy would be hard work. I would always smile and never think anything of it. Now that Evan is 15 months I know exactly what they meant. Evan is crazy! Haha He is all over the place and leaves a mess behind him. I think most kids are like this, but I have a feeling boys are just messier. My niece can sit down and feed herself with her little spoon(mess free), but Evan ditches the silverware and digs in.

Boy oh boy! He begins eating with his spoon and before you know it that spoon is gone and the mess begins. We both think it's the funniest thing ever and just laugh our butts off. I try to avoid cooking anything with sauces or mashed potatoes, those cause the biggest mess. Regardless, the mess is inevitable. I can't say that I love the cleaning process, but I do love that Evan enjoys eating and giving mom a hard time. 

I have been bathing him more than usual and he's loving it. Laundry has piled up but that's on a regular basis. Although I'm loving the mess, I am on a mission to get ideas on how to keep him as clean as possible. I'm really enjoying these little moments with my Evan, they are priceless. 

Thank you Ashley and Jess for this link-up! Wishing you all a fabulous Wednesday!! Xoxo


  1. Too funny, he is the happiest little boy!!!! The mess just makes him even cuter!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh... that face! His smile! SO CUTE!! The messes are worth it when they are made by your precious boy! I bet he keeps you on your toes but that he is the funnest little guy EVER!

  3. Visiting from the link up. Cute photos! He looks like a happy guy.

  4. Haha! I love finding other boy Mama’s out there! They are a handful…but then again they are such Mama’s boys that they’ll melt your heart in a second. Such cute pictures! Look at that smile!!

  5. oh my goodness, he is the cutest!!