Nessa's World: March 2014





One thing I look forward to every season is changing my wardrobe. I love finding great product that really reflect my style. As a mom it can be hard finding something that I can feel comfortable in. There are days I don't dress up and stay in my pjs all day, it could have been the cold weather that made me have no energy, but this Spring I want to wake up and dress up. The only way I can do this is if I have the appropriate wardrobe. Thanks to Aro and Company I can feel comfortable and most importantly trendy this Spring. I've picked five MUST have items we need in our closet this Spring. Which piece is your favorite? Xoxo

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 I can't believe my guy is almost a year and a half. I could cry, but every day is a new adventure and I love spending every day with Evan. Some mornings I might complain a bit(my guy has been waking up at 7A.M.), but once I drink my cup of coffee I literally reload. We have been taking our blankets to the living room and cuddling every morning. I get to lay down for another thirty minutes before Evan begins his daily activities. He has so much energy all day everyday. It a bit exhausting, but it sure is worth it. At the end of  the day, I can't help but thank the Lord for my blessings.
GROWTH: Not much has changed. We won't  have another check up until May. He is still 22 pounds and 31 inches tall.

CURRENT WORDS AND OTHER MILESTONES: He repeats EVERYTHING. I accidentally said "oh shit" the other day and guess who said it too? Yupp Evan, and now he keeps saying a word very similar to that nasty word. Oh my, I've learned my lesson. "Catch it'", "ball", "mama", "papa", "jugo"(juice), "agua"(water), and "baby" are words he uses on a daily basis. His aunt taught him a word in Arabic that he will randomly blurts out. He recently learned where to correctly place the circle, triangle, and square. He can identify the color red and can count to two in Spanish. I am in awe with this guy.

TEETH AND SLEEP: He has twelve teeth and his canine are finally in sight. I feel like he has been teething for a while. I'm assuming because it is his canine teeth?. His sleep hasn't been great. I'm blaming it on his teething or his dads loud snores. I've been drinking a bit more coffee this month, because my kid is a early bird. He will never sleep past 8A.M. My alarm clock is a 16 month old trying to stick his finger in my mouth or nose! haha
FAVORITE FOOD: I can't complain about Evan's appetite. He is willing to try anything and he'll eat all of it. Lately he's had a thing for tomatoes. He wants to grab the whole thing and munch on it. Obviously I slice it up for him and try to avoid the mess. He can eat broccoli and green beans every day, and he love fruit. Strawberries are by far his favorite. Beans and lentils will always make the cut and he loves chicken with mashed potatoes. Now that Evan is eating more I need to get my cooking on. I'm the worst cook, but slowly learning. Blogs with recipes are currently my go to when I'm trying to cook something up. If you know of any good blogs with amazing recipes please share!

FAVORITE TOYS/ACTIVITIES: Being outside! He loves the outdoors and he loves yelling at our two shih-tzus. He tries to snap his little fingers and screams away. Anything challenging keeps him occupied and he seems to enjoy it. We can not go a day without reading. I think we have every story memorized. He also loves his legos and farm animals. I need to purchase more books and puzzles for Mr. Smarty pants. I've heard amazon has great educational toys.
LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: These haven't really changed. Diaper changes have been a hustle. He refuses to wear a diaper and we have had a couple accidents. The cleaning part was my least favorite. haha He's had a stuffy nose and when I try to clean his it he cries bloody murder. He is not a happy baby when we have to go inside and his least favorite when I tell him no boob. Eventually I give in and nurse him. This weaning process is hard I haven't made any progress, but for the moment it's okay.

EXTRA COMMENTS: Evan my dear, you have been a tough one this month, but I wouldn't trade these precious moments. I don't think I will ever stop sharing how amazing you are. Our conversations are the highlight of my day(even though I have no idea what you are saying half of the time). You have killer dance moves and you can talk my friend. I recorded you the other day talking on the phone for over ten minutes. Your can throw and catch the ball better than me and your kisses are the sweetest. I love you baby.


I am obsessed with children's clothes, which makes me love this link-up even more. This link-up is hosted by CinSarah and Everything Emily, for all the adorable trendy babes. You guys know that posting Evan's outfits is something I regularly do on here. Now I have another excuse to post more of Evan's style. His style is usually comfy and casual. I always make sure he feels comfortable is what ever I dress him in. When it comes to fashion, I love to try new trends. Therefore, Evan's style may be Mr. hipster one day and boho the other. I still don't understand why people would tell me that dressing a boy would be boring, because I am having so much fun dressing this little guy. Today we gave our moccs a rest and threw on a pair of tennis shoes and went out for a walk. It's finally warming up and a t-shirt and shorts were a must. We received this rad beanie in the mail, which completed the look. Hope you guys join this adorable link-up. So many little fashionistas! xoxo

Beanie: Little Hip Squeaks // T-Shirt: Little Boogaweezin // Shorts: Next // Shoes: Nike



It is officially SPRING! I have been browsing the web for a list of must have items for your babe this season. I've included a few girl items that I fell in love with, and a few unisex ítems. I am loving Gap and Zara's Spring collection. It is full of color and patterns, not to metion denim and neutrals. I can't wait to share with you guys the outfits that I have put together, for both Evan and I. I feel like I've been behind the camera for a while and it's time to post my outfits as well. Happy Friday friends! Xoxo

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8



This was Evan's first time going to the zoo. We were waiting for the right time to take him. We wanted him to be old enough to enjoy the zoo. The weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded, which made our zoo trip a beautiful experience. This was such a special day for us, it truly was magical. Evan was amazed with all the animals and he loved being around so many people. We would stop and read facts about every animal and mimic their sounds, Evan would pay close attention. The monkeys, birds, and giraffes were his favorite. This is definitely a trip I will always remember. Evan will have many zoo trips in the future and they will all be very special, but his first zoo visit will be the most memorable.

I don't want to overload this blog post with pictures, but I will share a couple of my favorite ones. 
 He didn't want to leave the playground but once I said monkeys he immediately cooperated with me. haha

It was such a fun day! We love the zoo!!
A huge hug and kiss to Ashley and Jess for this wonderful link-up.



Like most Fridays I am linking up with Darci, Liz, and all the other lovely hosts. This week went by so fast. Dad goes back to work tomorrow. We really enjoyed having him around. Let's hope he has the weekend off to continue our family quality time. We had so much going on this week it was hard to pick five favorites. 
Here are our five!

[ONE] Vacation-
 We took a spontaneous road trip last week and it was amazing! I had so much fun. We made so many amazing memories, and I can't wait to share with you guys. I'll have a post coming up with our vacation recap so  I will save my rambling for that. I hope you stick around to check it out. 


[TWO] I LOVE giveaways-
I WON my first Instagram giveaway!!! I'm still shocked. Two small businesses that I am totally obsessed with  hosted a giveaway two weeks ago. I entered thinking I would never win, boy was I wrong. I received my items this week. I can't wait to incorporate these beautiful items in Evan's room. I'll post pictures once Evan's room is complete. Meanwhile, check out Gingiber and Little Hip Squeaks, you will fall in love with everything!!!!!


[THREE] New hair-
I am in need of a new hair do. Spring is here, and it's time for change. I am unsure if I want to change the color, but I know I need a hair cut. I am so over my mommy bun.  I've been browsing the web for ideas and I've come down to two options. What do you think? 


[FOUR] Little Hip Squeaks-
I just purchased this beanie from Little Hip Squeaks. I am obsessed with the blanket that I had to purchase the matching beanie. My next purchase will be the  Onyx Argon Leggings. I just want their entire Spring/Summer collection. Love it! 


[FIVE] Shopping-
I have done some shopping. A lot of what I have purchased isn't pictured. I figured I would just snap a shot to give you an idea of what I've bought. We purchased new clothes for our trip, and I needed a few skin products because my skin has been acting up. Evan finally has a pair of shoes that are not moccasins haha, and I found a book in Spanish. I have had a hard time finding books in Spanish for some reason. When I saw this one I had to buy it. I don't want to go crazy shopping, but it was so nice to finally splurge on a few items. 


Happy weekend friends! xoxoxo



Last week my boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to take some time off and take a mini vacation. I was a little hesitant because we had never traveled longer than thirty minutes with Evan, and this would be a eight hour trip. On top of that we had nothing ready. I eventually gave in, that "you only live once" phrase can really get you into trouble. I quickly packed and we hit the road. I was nervous, scared, and curious to find out how Evan would react to such a long drive. Luckily I was prepared. 

Tip #1:  Leave around nap time: We left two hours before his nap time. He fell asleep for almost four hours, I was so happy because this never happens. I took advantage and took a nap myself. We were both well rested, which put us in a great mood. When he woke up we only had about two to three hours left on the road. This made our trip go by very fast. This worked like a charm for us. 
Tip #2:  Dress your babe comfortably- Loose clothing would be my number one choice. Evan wore a pair of sweatpants,T-shirt, and a light weight sweater. I knew the weather would be a little cool, but had a back up outfit just in case the weather changed. No shoes were necessary, only for rest stops. I had something comfortable on myself. I knew this trip would be a challenge and the last thing I wanted to do was dress us. Evan and I rode all eight and a half hours very comfortable. 

 Tip #3:  Pack plenty of snacks- Make sure you have a variety of options to give to your little one. I packed fruit, cereal, cereal bars, yogurt, drinks, and much more. We had a mini fridge and bag full of goodies. Evan would point at them constantly, we immediately knew he wanted a snack. He would be munching, singing, and dancing. Snacking kept him very busy. Make sure you pack plenty of munchies for your next trip.

Tip #4: Toys- We packed a couple of toys and books. The toys wouldn't keep him as busy as his books. To be completely honest, my plan was to put videos on my phone when he seemed annoyed or fussy. Luckily, we had no service and that option was off the table. I am so glad because I'm not a fan of my babe using technology. I'm not against it because, yes I do show him videos from time to time. This trip made me realize that none of that is necessary. I would show him different toys, point to objects out the window, and I even let him play with my make-up just to keep him occupied. They key is to keep your babe entertained.  

Tip #5:  Music- This should probably be my number one tip because he couldn't get enough of Didi Pop. He's always been obsessed with her music, and when he gets fussy on our car rides we always put on some Didi Pop. I pretty much have every single song memorized. If you are traveling play their favorite music. They will love it. Sing along and dance, show your baby you're having fun and I guarantee they will join the fun. I am so glad I discovered Didi Pop a while back. Check out her YouTube channel or website(link below). All of her music is superb.  

In all honesty, it can get frustrating, especially if your baby isn't use to long car rides. When nothing kept Evan happy we stopped for a break. We would grab a meal or walk around. Overall, our road trip went very smooth. Evan was such a good boy. We had such a great vacation. We all needed a break. Having no internet for a couple days was actually nice. Evan absolutely loved being outside pretty much all day, but we are glad to be back home. I hope these few tips help you out for your upcoming family trips. Xoxo 



Evan has been Mr. cranky pants these past few days. He hasn't been feeling well and he sure is showing it. He only wants mom and I really shouldn't complain, Right? To be honest, I am feeling a little overwhelmed, and can't help but feel frustrated from time to time. Keep in mind I am a very patient person. I almost never feel this way, but as a stay at home mom with a working daddy and not much help unless I'm at my parents, it can get very frustrating. Evan's dad decided to take the week off to help me out with our poor sick baby. He decided it would be a good idea to get out of the house and enjoy a day out.

  I can't tell you guys how much I needed this. I think Evan did too. We took a trip to Wal-Mart to purchase a few necessities, and I requested Starbucks. Evan had a water and used his cup holder on his new car seat for the first time. He seriously felt like a big boy holding his own cup and drinking from a straw. I took a second to pause and smile. This little boy is really something else. He is so amazing, and I felt silly for feeling so frustrated. Our day out made me realize that sometimes I just need to take a second to realize how truly blessed I am.

 On another note, check out Evan's new PJs! I think he feels extra cool in them. I can tell that after today Evan is feeling way better. He can sit down play with his toys and be with dad. He isn't being as fussy, what a relief. My advice to any mama feeling like myself, go outside and have a day out. Whether it be to the park or store, it really turns your mood around.


Don't forget to link-up with the fabulous ladies, Ashley and Jess. I've added the button to this link-up on my blog to take you straight to it.  xoxoxo



On Saturday we decided to go ahead and purchase a toddler car seat for Evan. Car rides were getting very frustrating. Evan would put up a fight when we tried putting him in his infant car seat. I have been on a hunt for the perfect car seat for a good two months. I was sold on the Orbit Baby G3 toddler car seat, because of all the fabulous features. Plus I love our Orbit Baby infant seat. If we purchased it we would have an extra car seat base, and we would be able to attach it to our stroller. I am just an Orbit Baby fanatic. My boyfriend on the other hand insisted on purchasing the Maxi-Cosi. I can be extremely stubborn and insisted that the G3 was what Evan wanted, but once I saw them in person I was extremely confused, I liked both. Both have great features and are adorable. The Maxi-Cosi seemed so comfortable and Orbit baby didn't have much padding, but the Orbit baby was screaming my name. Haha 

After my huge debate with Edgar( Evan's dad) I made a decision. Maxi-Cosi won me over. Aside from all the great features, I have heard nothing but positive reviews. Installing it was way easier than installing a Orbit Baby car seat, which was a plus for my boyfriend. Overall, I am very happy with the look and comfort it provides for my little man. He was so excited sitting in his big boy seat. I think he was happy to finally look up and see his surroundings. We haven't fully tested it but so far I like it, and most importantly Evan likes it. Which car seat would you choose?? 


Hello March, Hello Spring! I think we are all ready for some nice warm weather. We stayed in all weekend because the weather has been crazy. Evan has been a little sick, and honestly I'm not feeling so good myself. We almost made a trip to the ER, until my boyfriend made me call the nurse line. He thinks I freak out about everything, and it's true. I freak out when Evan gets sick. We ALWAYS get "is this your first child?" haha We were advised to treat his cold at home, and keep an eye out for any alarming signs. He has been himself most of the day, but from time to time he seems sad and sleepy. I am hoping for a fast recovery. Evan is now down for the night, (or until he decides he wants to nurse) and I put together our March wish list, also known as my boyfriends worst nightmare.  haha
Have a wonderful week!

one // two // three // four // five

one // two // three // four // five

Don't forget to click on the link to find out where to purchase each item. xoxo