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I am obsessed with children's clothes, which makes me love this link-up even more. This link-up is hosted by CinSarah and Everything Emily, for all the adorable trendy babes. You guys know that posting Evan's outfits is something I regularly do on here. Now I have another excuse to post more of Evan's style. His style is usually comfy and casual. I always make sure he feels comfortable is what ever I dress him in. When it comes to fashion, I love to try new trends. Therefore, Evan's style may be Mr. hipster one day and boho the other. I still don't understand why people would tell me that dressing a boy would be boring, because I am having so much fun dressing this little guy. Today we gave our moccs a rest and threw on a pair of tennis shoes and went out for a walk. It's finally warming up and a t-shirt and shorts were a must. We received this rad beanie in the mail, which completed the look. Hope you guys join this adorable link-up. So many little fashionistas! xoxo

Beanie: Little Hip Squeaks // T-Shirt: Little Boogaweezin // Shorts: Next // Shoes: Nike


  1. He is so rad!!! I agree, I think dressing a boy would be fun & you do a good job of it!! :)

  2. Love the outfit! That hat is super cute and the shirt is hysterical! Love it!!

  3. Ahh! He is too cute! Love the whole outfit! I totally agree, dressing boys is just as fun as girls. I wish my 6 year old would still let me dress him but he's gotten so picky now :( Thanks so much for linking up Vanessa. You are welcome to link up 2 more of Evan's cute oufits ;)

  4. Hi there, I'm a new follower from the link up! Your little guy is so cute and I love his outfit!

    Cassie @

  5. Thatttt is the cutest little boy outfit ever! LOVE his hat the most! What a great idea for a link up :)

  6. Cute little fashionista :-) And LOOOOOOVE the caption on the t-shirt. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog,