I am so excited to make Evan's basket this year. It feels like our first Easter since we didn't fully celebrate last year. I hope I don't go too crazy with it. Here are a few goodies that will make your little one's basket extra sweet. I know for sure most of these items will be in Evan's Basket. 

1.Eggs - I am so excited to decorate eggs this Easter. I have found so many DIY projects on Pinterest. I am literally counting down the days until Easter. 
2.Bunny Sippy Cup - Evan loves to drink from his sippy cups. I know this is something he will enjoy, but more importantly use. I can't get over how cute these are. Target never disappoints. 
3.Crown  - I am convinced that every little kid needs this crown. I've been on a hunt for this crown and it sells out so fast. Crossing my fingers that it restocks soon. 
4.Easter Book - You can never go wrong with a cute holiday story. I will definitely be adding a book to Evan's basket. We love to read and a new book always makes Evan happy.
5.Blabla Doll - These are the cutest dolls ever! Babies need this bunny in their basket. I love that they have a different color for boys and girls.  
6.Freshly Picked Moccasins - Moccasins will always make the cut. Ha! They are just too awesome not to be included in your little one's basket. I am seriously drooling over the new butterscotch.


  1. Loving that crown so much!

  2. hey there! such fun ideas! i'm stopping by from bloggy moms! xoxo

  3. Love those stuffed bunnies and the sippies!!

  4. Those moccs..... too adorable!

  5. Great items! Love those cups!

  6. We have the same cup and love it! And those mocs are the best! Happy Easter!

  7. Great Easter basket goodies! I have been excited to dye eggs with my little one too. So fun!

  8. Love your picks for Evan's basket! Especially adore that crown...I think my little one may need one too! :)



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