Nessa's World: May 2014





A year and a half already? Where has the time gone? This baby boy is getting so big. Every month that passes by I can't help but shed a couple tears. I am really missing the newborn days you guys. I love watching my baby grow, but if I could go back for just a day I would. I always wonder how I got so lucky. This kid is my everything, he can drive me crazy at times, but the love I have for him is indescribable. He is totally a control freak.
Growth: Evan is 22.9 lbs. (40th percentile) and 33 in. tall (70th percentile). He is wearing 12-18 months in certain clothes. I have been purchasing 18-24 just so he can wear it longer. We have gone up a size in diapers, he is now wearing a 4. Size 5 or 6 in shoes. 

Favorite Words & Other Milestones: Evan talks more each day. My mom always tells me that I'll never be bored because my little guy can talk up a storm. He loves to play ball so of course all I hear is "catch it","throw it", or "kick it". His cousin Bella calls him "Abby", so he's been calling everyone "Abby" haha. He loves to say no, mama, papa, and ball. Vaca(cow), agua(water), jugo(juice), and yay are words he uses often. He can count from 1-10 in English and Spanish. He loves to sing the alphabet song. He can throw and catch a ball like a pro! haha Dancing and singing have helped so much. We sing about colors, body parts,shapes, letters, and numbers. I speak strictly Spanish and his dad speaks to him in English. He's picked up both languages and it makes me so happy. I'm proud to say I have a bilingual little boy.  
Favorite Foods: He's gotten a little picky. I need to get a little creative and start doing fun and cute plates to catch his attention. However, he still loves tomatoes, strawberries, rice, pasta, and corn.

Favorite Toys/Activities: When he's not outside playing with his ball, he enjoys to play with blocks and his toy cars. He just started getting into cars and it's the cutest thing when he says "broom, broom". He enjoys when I read to him. He loves to draw with crayons and chalk all over the house. I'm in the process of painting one of my walls with chalk board paint, because I'm constantly scrubbing his lovely drawings off our walls. Washing his hands and splashing water all over the place is always fun for him, as well as baths.
Beanie: Little Hip Squeaks(similar) // T-shirt: Nununu // Shorts: c/o Sugarplum Lane // Shoes: Freshly Picked
Least Favorite Activities: He's not a fan of diaper changes but it's gotten easier. He hates having to go inside after having so much fun outside, but he's been cooperating with me. Brushing his teeth really bothered him, but when he's washing his hands and splashing water everywhere I take advantage. I brush his teeth and clean his nose without any tears.

Being a mother is such a rewarding challenge. I literally learn something new everyday. I don't think I will ever stop saying how happy Evan makes me. His intelligence is breathe taking. He's not only smart, he is hilarious. He will randomly do things just to make us laugh. I am currently one joyful mama bear.

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If you keep up with my blog then you know how obsessed I am with Freshly Picked Moccasins. My obsession began with this picture. I was on a mission to find the brand that made these beautiful baby moccasins. It didn't take me long to discover Freshly Picked. I instantly fell in love and knew that Evan needed more than one pair in his closet.
I will not lie I did hesitate to purchase a pair because of the price. I would constantly talk about them to every one. I'm sure they all thought I was crazy. Evan was five months and the struggle with finding a shoe to stay on his little chubby feet was difficult, so spending $60 on a pair of shoes that might not stay on scared me. I loved the style so much and reading so many amazing reviews I gave in. I referred to their size chart before deciding on a color. Luckily for me Susan had a sale a couple months after and I purchased Evan's first pair. I was blown away. The quality is unique and you can tell right away each moccasin is made with love. Once I slipped those moccs on we were both smitten. Evan would always tug and pull on all shoes except for his moccasins. He found them very interesting as a baby. They stayed and looked great on.
 The elastic allows for them to slip on and off easily, but most importantly stay on. At first they can be a bit confusing to determine between left and right. For us after the first wear I can always see the leather molding to his feet. I purchased most of Evan's moccs last year and he just outgrew his size four. The leather stretches which allows your little one to wear them longer, which is a plus. I also like that they are different pieces stitched together so that when your little one steps or stands, there is a pocket that forms on the side that is actually open to the back of the shoe, allowing for air to flow. Great for a Texas summer and no smelly baby feet. Evan learned to crawl,walk, and run wearing Freshly Picked. We created  and continue to create so many amazing memories with Freshly Picked. The imprinted footprint allows me to cherish these memories forever.
Evan wears them all year round, regardless of the season he rocks his moccs. These soft-soled shoes are wearable inside or outside. He loves to wear them around the house. When he wakes up the first thing he says is "shoes", this means it's time to get up and play. Until today I have no complaints, this business has won my trust and loyalty. Just the other day I decided that I would put Evan's tennis shoes on to play outside. After a couple of hours those shoes gave him a blister. Something that Freshly Picked Moccasins have never given Evan's feet, even after hours of playing outside. I learned my lesson and will be sticking to his moccs. I know how hard it is to find the perfect baby shoe, but with these babies your search is over mamas. I can't stress enough how amazing they are. For those of you who would love to add a pair to your babe's collection, or want a first pair for your little one, this is your chance. Read giveaway rules down below and good luck!
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Winner announced June 7
A huge thank you to Freshly Picked for allowing us to review their product and for sending us a pair. xoxo



I dread making Evan's immunization appointments. I think I am always more scared than he is. As a parent I think it's one of the worst things to see. This appointment I decided I would try a couple things to make this visit run smoothly. I knew the tears would be inevitable, but my plan to quickly distract him with something worked. I packed his diaper bag the night before to reassure I didn't forget anything. Here are just a few tips that worked for us.

- Give your child a small new toy or something else that distracts right before or after the shot. For Evan, it was a pink ball. haha
- Also, bring a tablet or phone with your child’s favorite movie, show, or game. Evan watched an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba while he was getting his shot, and even though he was distracted by the shot, he kept watching, even through his tears — which dried up really fast.
Most importantly show your child love and comfort to help take the pain away. These tips possibly won't help, because sometimes a hug and a kiss from mom will do the trick. Good luck moms!


I know how pricey shopping online can get. We are all guilty of it, but my guilt free method is easy. Basically I find affordable items and use that as an excuse to purchase multiple items. Online shopping is an addiction ladies. I haven't been shopping much(I'm going crazy haha) but I always add stuff to my cart that I know I'll purchase in the near future(many are including in this post). In January I created a 20 under $20 items for the ladies. I thought I would challenge myself and attempt to do the same with baby items. To be completely honest this was way harder than I expected. Little girls have so many options. I kept adding girl items until I realized I had a boy, but I listed a little bit of everything to make it fun for all of you mamas. Enjoy!



My birthday celebration began on Friday. My family took me out to a steak house for dinner. This is the first year I don't request a birthday party. I would want one every year because I would always want my crazy family together. Now a days I'd prefer peace and quiet with my little family. My parents, siblings, and my two amazing boys will suffice(along with a steak and mashed potatoes). My sisters went above and beyond to make this day special. I was basically gifted a whole new wardrobe and a Starbucks gift card for this coffee addict. Score! I was surprised with all the gifts I received. I always thought the older you turned the less you received.Well it's been the other way around for this girl. haha I can't complain because I love being spoiled. Overall being with my family and eating that delicious steak was the highlight of my weekend.  

We attended church Saturday morning followed by a family get together. On Sunday we spent our day with the in-laws were we had a lovely dinner. Our evening consisted of two exhausted parents and one energized one year old. It was impossible to recover from our long and exciting weekend. I hope you lovely mamas had a wonderful Mother's Day. I would be lying if I said I didn't stuff my face with cake and chocolates. haha
 Our best picture this weekend. Evan wasn't feeling it.
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Hey y'all! Happy Friday!! I'm keeping my five short and sweet! Xoxo

ONE- My birthday is tomorrow! I turn 24! This month I always look forward to many celebrations including Mother's Day. Mother's Day for Latinos is May 10th(my birthday), but we celebrate both days meaning parties all weekend. I'm so excited to eat cake and stuff my face with food. Mamas this is our weekend. Have fun!!

TWO- I'm in the process of updating my camera. Any suggestions? I just sold my current camera. I'm freaking out because I should have waited until I had a backup. I've done my research and I have a couple in mind. Crossing my fingers that I get one by next week.

THREE- We have spent most of our evenings outside. Evan just loves the idea of running around and picking up sticks. We are taking advantage of the nice weather here in Texas before it gets ridiculously hot. Going inside was becoming a nightmare, but luckily it's getting better. I've tried several suggestions, but the only thing that seems to help is bribery. It might not be the best method, but I'll be sticking with that until I find something else that works.
FOUR. Evan's dad has been dressing him lately and I think it's hilarious. He's all about old t-shirts and basketball short. I have no idea how Evan's style will be in the future, but for now I think I'll stick to picking out his outfits. haha

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Happy Friday Friends! Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful Mamas!! 



This post is part of a compensated campaign in collaboration with Veo and Latina Bloggers Connect however all opinions are my own.

I have always had an obsession with great deals, coupons, and freebies. Saving money is currently my priority. I'm not a crazy coupon mom, but I want to save as much as possible. I was in search of an app that provided a variety of options that would save me a few bucks. I was recently introduced to Veo. Veo is a new application that was designed with Latinos in mind. Latinos are introduced to trusted brands, discovering great items, and at the same time saving dinero. Not only do I find great deals, I get free trial items. Every month they bring you amazing deals that will guarentee savings. 

 The app guide in the beginning put everything into perspective, which made things way easier. Once I login to my app, I immediately check my messages where I will be notified of any current giveaway or any added trial/deal. I love that it is bilingual, therefore it's perfect for everyone. 

My favorite feature is the trial section. They give you a few options and you just select "I want it" and you're done. There is something for everyone in the family. My boyfriend really enjoyed 10% off the NBA website, and I loved the Lorac gift set on sale for $36. They have a great selection of brands, however I wish they had a little more. I'm sure in the near future more brands and more great deals will be added. Each brand can be contacted for more information about their product by simply clicking on the "more info" button. Fun recipes and product reviews are also included in this culturally relevant and community oriented application. I'm having so much fun browsing so many sales. I'm so excited to receive my freebies and discounted products in the mail. I am convinced this will continue to be my one-stop shop for great product, great brands, and most importantly great deals. 

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MAY is here!! May is such a special month for me. I get to celebrate my birthday, Mother's Day, along with other celebrations(including Evan's year and a half birthday). My calender this month is booked, which is always exciting. Although my schedule is crazy, I couldn't forget to do my monthly wish list. I have listed five items that are on my birthday list, but would also make great Mother's Day gifts. Happy Weekend! xo
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This is is the second time I join Brittany and Kayla in their monthly beauty bag swap. This month I swapped with the beautiful mama, Shadia over at Baby Button Brown. We have so much in common, so it wasn't surprising that I loved the product she sent. Thanks so much Shadia! Only two products are pictured because my sneaky baby hid my baby lips Chapstick and it's no were to be found. Waaah!
If you want to join the fun, make sure to check out their blog for more details!