My birthday celebration began on Friday. My family took me out to a steak house for dinner. This is the first year I don't request a birthday party. I would want one every year because I would always want my crazy family together. Now a days I'd prefer peace and quiet with my little family. My parents, siblings, and my two amazing boys will suffice(along with a steak and mashed potatoes). My sisters went above and beyond to make this day special. I was basically gifted a whole new wardrobe and a Starbucks gift card for this coffee addict. Score! I was surprised with all the gifts I received. I always thought the older you turned the less you received.Well it's been the other way around for this girl. haha I can't complain because I love being spoiled. Overall being with my family and eating that delicious steak was the highlight of my weekend.  

We attended church Saturday morning followed by a family get together. On Sunday we spent our day with the in-laws were we had a lovely dinner. Our evening consisted of two exhausted parents and one energized one year old. It was impossible to recover from our long and exciting weekend. I hope you lovely mamas had a wonderful Mother's Day. I would be lying if I said I didn't stuff my face with cake and chocolates. haha
 Our best picture this weekend. Evan wasn't feeling it.
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  1. Happy late bday pretty mama!!! You guys are too cute!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweetness!

  3. Happy Birthday! And Happy Mother's Day! both belated...naturally =)

    Sounds lovely. New clothes, coffee, and family! Perfect.



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