Nessa's World: March 2015





On March 3rd I lost my mother. One of the toughest obstacles my life has come across. It was all so sudden that some days it still feels like a horrible nightmare. Since the loss of my mother I have had good days and really bad days. The only thing that has kept me going and kept me positive is Evan. What would I do with out him? Even though he is so little and may not fully understand what has happened he sure knows how to keep a smile on my face. As sad and tragic as this is I continue to be thankful. Evan has been my rock through all of this and for that I am beyond thankful. God has given me the honor to be a mother. Evan feels the same way about me as I feel about my mother. She was is my hero, and now it's my turn to continue giving Evan all of the love, comfort and protection. I will stay strong and positive because of him. I am so thankful that she was my mother. I can't even express how amazing and beautiful she was, and I hope one day I am as good as a mother as she was. For now I will keep a smile on my face because of my beautiful two year old boy. XO


These past few weeks have been crazy. I have so much going on both good and bad in my life. One thing that has been keeping me positive and excited is Spring. So crazy, but I am so ready to ditch my Winter wardrobe and go shopping. I have had my eye on so many adorable sandals. The weather is finally warming up, and I think it's time to purchase my first pair of sandals this year. There are so many choice, so I've picked a few favorites under a hundred bucks. Hope everyone is having a wonderful first day of Spring! XO 
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Do you remember the first time your baby took their first step, their first smile, first laugh or first word? When you hear these questions you automatically go back to that memorable moment, right? I recently watched a video that took me back memory lane to all my first precious moments with Evan. Two weeks ago I hosted a Pampers Firsts viewing party. Expecting mothers and experienced mothers attended the party. Pampers understands there is nothing more joyful or rewarding than the precious first-time moments shared by little ones and their families. In honor of this special journey, Pampers has released a compilation video entitled "Firsts" that highlights those wondrous "firsts" experiences together. We all had the same reaction to the most beautiful video describing those priceless first moments with our babies. I shared our live reaction (check it out here).

Pampers had been by our side since day one. Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals in North America and the first diaper worn by millions of babies. Pampers Swaddlers comforts and protects babies through their entire journey of firsts, helping to ensure their happy, healthy development. Pampers Swaddlers also provide Absorb Away Liner which helps to pull wetness and mess away from babies' skin.

All the mommies at the party learned that Pampers Swaddlers are now available through size 6! What mom wouldn't want that superior comfort and blanket-like softness to continue creating first moments with their little ones a little longer?
All my guests left with a goodie bag with Pampers Swaddlers and wipes. Now their babies will have the softest diaper that offers up to 12 hours of overnight protection. We all sat down and talked about our favorite first moments with our little ones. I shared my story about the first time I changed Evan's diaper. I was terrified but it turned out to be such a beautiful experience. Luckily Pampers Swaddlers have a color changing wetness indicator that helped me know when it was time for a diaper change. This was such a live savor for me. 

I think everyone was pretty emotional after our chat. From the first time parents see their little one on a sonogram to the first evening home from the hospital, the Pampers "Firsts" video showcases precious, heart-felt moments babies and parents share together. Pampers recognize that all first moments, no matter how big or small, are moments to be cherished and celebrated. Pampers is honored to be part of the journey of firsts for millions of families around the world every day.
Now it is your turn to join in on the fun. Create your own journey of firsts. Pampers has developed a micro-site that will allow you to upload an image of your choice to create a 15 second video to share with friends on social media. The video will highlight your baby's first milestones. Create and share your own journey of Firsts at

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pampers. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced by anything or anyone.


I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. However, there are so many new facts that I learned my last trip to The Perot Museum. Solving a mystery in the 19th century was a blast! Playing detective for a day was really cool, but I must confess I could never be a real detective. There is so much evidence and brainstorming all the possibilities can kick your butt. I loved that they provided notebooks for us to collect the evidence. It made our whole experience more enjoyable. I really like that this exhibit translated everything in Spanish. I believe it took us thirty to fourth five mintutes to tour the entire exhibit. If you are near the Dallas/Ft. Worth area you must check out The Sherlock Holmes exhibit.
Plan your next visit this Spring Break. I have provided all of the basic info down below. 

A few info you need to know if you plan on taking a trip to The Perot Museum.
Tickets and General Admission:
$17 for adults (18-64)
$12 for seniors (65+)
$11 for youth (2-17)
free for children under 2
General admission for members is always free. 

Admission to the theater is $5 for a short film and $8 for a long film for adults, seniors and youth.
For members, admission to the theater is $5 for short film and $6 for long film.
All children under 2 are free.

If you plan on checking out The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes prices change a bit.
$29 for adults (18-64)
$23 for seniors (65+)
$21 for youth (2-17)

For those who already obtain a member pass you will only have to pay an additional fee
$8 for adults (18-64)
$7 for seniors (65+)
$6 for youth (2-17)

For hours and more information please make sure to check out The Perot Museum hompage.

If you have been to The Perot Museum you know it's impossible to see everything in one visit. You can now avoid all the general admission charges each visit and just pay a one time yearly fee. My readers can enjoy 15% off NEW memberships by calling 214-756-5751 and mentioning my blog to receive discount. Offer expires March 6.

You have until May 10, 2015 to check out The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.


Last week was a cold one here in Texas. Probably the coldest week we have had this winter. We woke up Monday morning with ice everywhere. It literally felt like Christmas y'all! We were all ecstatic. We only get snow or should I say ice once a year, and last year I didn't dare take Evan outside because I figured he was too little. Monday was just a lazy day and we stayed indoors and watched movies. As excited as we were we never made it outside. We woke up Tuesday with hopes that the ice would still be there and to our surprise woke up to a little bit of snow. 
We rushed outside and Evan was stunned. He had never seen or touched snow before. Seeing him run around playing with snow was priceless. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were really cold, everything was frozen. We did nothing! I didn't get anything done last week. I have piles of dirty clothes and one messy bedroom. I just wonder how people who have snow all Winter long continue with their regular busy schedule. While everyone in Texas shuts everything down the instant we see ice on the road. It is crazy how different our lifestyles are.
I hope everyone is staying warm this Winter. I have been doing a lot of online shopping and I blame it all on this weather. I am just excited that Spring is right around the corner! XO