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This Spring I have challenged myself to wear more print and color. This floral jumper has been in my closet for a little over two years, and I was so surprised it still fit. I wore it to my dad's birthday lunch and to a baby shower and I received so many compliments. I am on a mission to fill my closet up with nothing but color. It's been so rainy here in Texas. Last Saturday, which is when I wore this outfit, we went out for dinner and it just starting pouring outside. I ran inside my house in these heels. Hell yes for comfy heels! I was literally against heels for some time. I was always wondering how other mothers did it. So far I have found a few pairs that I can wear all day a still run behind Evan. I really hope you like this look. I am really motivated to share more with you all so leave a comment down below! Happy Friday! XO



This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

One thing that my sisters and I promised ourselves was to always incorporate our culture on a daily basis with our children. We all have children now and our children not only love our food, our celebrations, but they speak our language. Finding a toy that celebrates and loves their culture is hard to find. The moment I heard about Vi and Va I knew they would be perfect for my niece. MGA Entertainment has recently launched a new fashion doll like inspired by Latin cultures. Meet Vi and Va (pronounced like Viva!). I love that these dolls will help girls honor and embrace their heritage. The themes and storytelling within the line focuses on both family and culture. The main 4 characters are not just friends, they are also family! These dolls are exclusively sold at Target. Get to know each doll and find out which one your little girl would love. 

Vivianna (Vi) and Valentina (Va) are sisters, and best friends with their cousins, Felicia and Roxxi. For these girls, every day is an adventure and a reason to celebrate the bonds of family and friendship.
Viviana (Vi): Vi is the older sister. She is 16, spontaneous and easy going. She's passionate about sharing her love of music, and she's always ready to break out her guitar at family gatherings. She also loves creating new styles as a fashion designer.  

Valentina (Va): Va is the younger sister. She is 15, neat and organized. She loves learning to cook from her mother and grandmothers. She's already perfected several savory family recipes, like empanadas. She also loves trying out new hairstyles, and making herself look unique with ribbons and flowers in her hair.

Felicia: She is 17 years old and an artist. Felicia sometimes finds it hard to focus, but then, out of nowhere she'll have a creative explosion and come up with a genius idea for her next artistic masterpiece.

Roxxi: She is 18 years old and a dancer. Roxxi can be a bit of a klutz, but put on some music and she will suddenly become elegant and graceful with all kinds of dance moves, from ballet to hip-hop to salsa.
My niece immediately picked up Valentina (Va). She loved all of the other dolls, but something about Va really caught her attention. Once I began reading more about her I realized how much my niece has in common with Va. They both love to cook and she always wants her hair up with a bow. I remember growing up and never having a doll like this. These dolls are not only a reflection of our culture but of Latina's appearance, which makes me even more excited to introduce them to my niece. She can now have a doll that relates to her looks, family and talents. MGAE believes that ethnic diversity is critically important to a healthy community. The Latin family is a major consumer of dolls and toys, which they are proud to serve with their innovative products. Overall, I absolutely love these dolls. I really wish I had these when I was young. My niece thinks they are beautiful and even refers herself as "Va."

The product line includes of several dolls and activity sets to help little girls play out each character's storyline and enjoy her special talents. The line also has a birthday party/quinceanera collection, where the family celebrates Vi turning 16 and Va turning 15 with a combined family party celebration. Girls can even dress up and join the fun with role play and styling accessories.
The full assortment of "Vi and Va" fashion dolls is available at Target stores and on For more information, please visit their website. Make sure to Like Vi and Va on Facebook and like on Twitter

If you are totally in love with these Latina fashion dolls like I am,  now is your chance to win a Vi and Va Hair Stylist Doll Valentina. XO



This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

I have been on a mission to potty train Evan. I had been procrastinating this for the longest, but he is now 28 months and he is ready. Potty Training is an exciting and eagerly anticipated milestone for toddlers and their parents. If your child is showing signs of readiness, spring and summer can be the ideal time to kick off potty training especially is your child is heading to preschool in the fall. Evan has been so excited to sit in his little toilet which has made this transition a little easier, but it has definitely been stressful. I know that the timing is right for Evan but the stress in inevitable. We want potty training to be a positive journey for our toddlers, but leaks, accidents and switching from diapers to training pants overnight can feel like setbacks. Luckily I have kept my cool and we are taking it day by day. We are not fully there, but I know Evan will get a hang of it in no time. I have been on so many mommy blogs trying to get tips on how to potty train my little guy, and I have come to a realization that it's different for everyone. However, I came across L. Jana's, MD, training tips and they have been working for us.
About two weeks ago we purchased a pack of undies for Evan. Evan has been letting us know when he needs to potty, so I figured we didn't need to bother purchasing training pants. I was so wrong! We had so many accidents and my cleaning was never ending. After every accident we had a great laugh and ended up putting a diaper on Evan. I finally came to a realization that we had to purchase Pampers Easy Ups. I am so relieved and Evan is obsessed with them. He pulls the on and off by himself, and it is the funniest this ever. I have learned that Training pants such as Pampers Easy ups can help the diaper-to-underwear transition by allowing potty-training toddlers to set aside their diapers and wear something with more of an underwear-like design that still helps keep accidental messes off clothing, bedding and other surfaces no matter whether they happen at home, on-the-go or overnight. 
I chose Pampers Easy Ups because they have fewer leaks than other leading training pant to help simply and improve the overall potty training experience. Pampers Easy Ups have an absorbent core that holds 25% more than other training pants and help ensure little ones remain dry. I also love that they provide up to 12 hours of protection, it works during the day and night, enabling toddlers and moms to confidently and completely transition from diapers towards underwear. I just can't complain about Pampers Easy Ups, they have been by our side for so long making everything so much easier. Now with this transition we are so happy that Pampers is making it a happy and positive experience. Plus, Thomas the Train is a hit at our house.
Pampers Easy Ups Potty Training Tips
L. Jana, MD   

1. Promote potty learning. Instead of referring to your child’s transition from wearing diapers to using the potty as “potty training,” consider calling it “potty learning.” After all, mastering this eagerly anticipated milestone of childhood takes time, teaching, and plenty of practice and patience!

2. Take a teamwork approach. From the outset, I find it helps to keep in mind that potty training is a team sport. If you simply remind yourself that you are (and always will be) on the same team as your child, it can really help you stay calm in the face of potty accidents and be a much more positive and effective potty training coach.

3. Stock your deck. Part of the secret to your child’s potty success will involve being well equipped and removing any obstacles that stand between your child and potty success. Sure, this typically includes a fun trip out to purchase a brand new first set of coveted “big-boy” or “big-girl” underwear. But it also means having on hand other practical supplies that can help foster your child’s interest and independence – from a step stool (to improve access to the toilet) or potty seat to training pants. That’s why I’m happy to partner with Pampers, whose Easy Ups training pants are designed to help the diaper-to-underwear transition by allowing potty-training toddlers to set aside their diapers and wear something with more of an underwear-like look and feel that still helps contain accidental messes no matter whether they happen at home, on-the-go or overnight.

4. Embrace success. As with any learning experience, young children can learn a lot from both their potty successes and their failures. While potty accidents are an inevitable (and admittedly inconvenient) aspect of potty learning, they shouldn’t dominate your day-to-day discussions. Instead, simply help your child learn to cope with (and clean up) any messes and focus your attention on celebrating your child’s successes with plenty of hugs and words of encouragement.

5. Watch for the signs. There are several characteristic signs and developmental abilities you can watch for that suggest children are ready to potty train. These signs of potty training readiness typically include the ability to use their words to express themselves, toddle their own way to the bathroom, pull down their own pants, and to be aware of the sensation of peeing or pooping (characteristically noticeable when young children suddenly stop what they’re doing as they feel themselves start to pee. Or when they start hiding behind the sofa or standing in a corner to poop. It is also helpful (and increases the likelihood of potty training interest) when children start to be bothered by their poopy and/or wet diapers, as that can serve as a good motivation for using the potty instead!

6. Start making connections. There’s a lot that you can do to help your child be well-prepared to use the potty successfully long before he actually starts to. Reading fun and engaging children’s books about potty training, such as You and Me Against the Pee! (which I co-authored) can go a long way towards making the idea of potty training a family and eagerly anticipated one. You can take this familiarity a step further by letting your toddler accompany you in to the bathroom when you need to go so that he both becomes familiar with the routine and comfortable with the idea of using the toilet, rather than being afraid of or intimidated by it! 
I hope these tips can lead you in the right direction and make potty training a easy/smooth transition!! For more tips and advice join @Pampers on April 21st from 9-10pmEST as they host a Twitter Party with Dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician, award-winning parenting book author and potty training expert who co-authored to It's you and Me Against the Pee...and the Poo, Too! Dr. Jana will be sharing her tips to simplify improve the potty training experience for little ones and their parents. 
Is your little one ready to be potty trained? Well now is the chance to win everything you will need to begin this journey!
  • A pack of Pampers Easy Ups
  • Little Looster Step Stool
  • Potty Ring
  • "It's You and Me Against the Pee... and the Poo, Too!" book
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    This review was made possible by Scentbird. I was provided product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

    I am so excited to share with you all this fabulous perfume subscription. Scentbird is your favorite high end scent brought to your door step every month. How convenient is that? I am the type of person who loves applying perfume but I only buy one at a time. However, I did go through a phase where I would splurge on high end fragrances and ended up with a nice collection. Clearly I stopped this because we all know perfumes can get super expensive and they can add up pretty quickly. So when I came across Scentbird I knew I would give it a try. Scentbird is giving me the opportunity to try different scents and allowing me to switch up my fragrance every month. 
    I have tried many throughout the years and some were hits and some were misses. As you many know, perfumes can get super expensive and it can add up pretty quickly.
    - See more at:
    I have tried many throughout the years and some were hits and some were misses. As you many know, perfumes can get super expensive and it can add up pretty quickly. - See more at:
    I have tried many throughout the years and some were hits and some were misses. As you many know, perfumes can get super expensive and it can add up pretty quickly. - See more at:
    I have tried many throughout the years and some were hits and some were misses. As you many know, perfumes can get super expensive and it can add up pretty quickly. - See more at:
    Like any other monthly subscription you take a quiz to receive personal recommendations. Once you receive your recommendations you can pick from that list or from over 350 designer fragrances. The whole registration process is super easy. I received my package a few days ago and I immediately fell in love with the overall look. I opened my packaged and I pulled out a black velvet bag, which is extremely cute and convenient to toss in your purse. With your first order you receive a very chic case and perfume sample that is 8ml. After that you will only receive your perfume sample which you can simply twist and remove/replace the sample with a new one when you are ready. All of this for only $14.95 a month. I think YES!
    The last fragrance I purchased was about sixty bucks. Yes I do wear it on a regular basis but sometimes I want a different scent. Why spend sixty bucks on a new fragrance when I can spend $14.95 a month for a monthly supply of any high end perfume of my choice? How awesome is that?

    Everything about this subscription is just brilliant. Especially how accurate their suggestions are. A few of my recommendations were Sexy Amber by Michael Kors, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Valentina Acqua Florale by Valentino. You get to choose which ever fragrance you desire, but I wanted mine to be more of a surprise. They sent me one from my recommendations. I received Valentina Acqua Florale by Valentino. It is such a beautiful scent. They really nailed it with this choice.

    So if you're a perfume lover like me, or if you're just someone who doesn't want to drop a small fortune on a designer perfume just to try it out, then check out Scentbird! It's a great way to discover and try new fragrances or if don't like to commit to only once fragrance. You're bound to find one that you like. The only downsides for me are that they currently only offer women's perfume and they only ship to the US, but hopefully that changes soon! 

    If you're interested, then visit
    - See more at:
    So if you are a perfume lover like me, or if you are someone that doesn't want to spend so much on a designer perfume just to try it out, then check out Scentbird. It's a great way to discover new fragrances or if you don't like to commit to only one fragrance. I wish they offered men's colognes, but I hope that will change in the future. My boyfriend was so upset that he couldn't pick a monthly cologne. haha

    If you're interested then visit

    What are your favorite perfumes? Mine are J'adore by Dior, Chance by Chanel, Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna and Be Delicious by DKNY.


    Wow, it's been a while since I have posted my outfits on here. My blog originally started as a fashion blog and as soon as I found out I was pregnant things changed. I would throw in a fashion post here and there but it was mainly more about my little man, Evan. I have also had a lot of weight issues that made me very insecure about sharing any of my style with you, but I think it's time I start posting again. Not only to share with you but for myself. I always browse my blog and maybe if I see pictures of myself on here it will help me learn to love my body, or possibly find motivation to get it together and lose a few pounds. Today's look is super simple. I have seriously been wearing white, black and gray for the past few months. I need to add some color to my closet. Especially for Spring and Summer! Hope ya like... XO

    EASTER 2015

    Our Easter weekend was so much fun! We had beautiful weather all weekend until Sunday. Sunday was rainy and cold. Friday and Saturday we spent most of the day with my immediate family. The kids were all together and Evan's older cousin Rachel brought her bunny for the weekend. I just knew Evan would be afraid to hold it, but boy was I wrong. He absolutely loved her. He was so gentle and nice to her. He cried if he couldn't hold her. It was just the cutest thing. We took way too many pictures this weekend and Evan was all for it as long as he got to hold the bunny. Be prepared for a picture/cuteness overload.  
    Last year Evan was a little confused during the egg hunt because he was only one. This year was a different story. He was on a mission to find as many surprise eggs as possible. By the way Evan calls all the eggs surprise eggs because he's been watching way too many videos on YouTube.
    The night before Easter we read Evan The Story of Easter. I will always want him to know the true meaning behind this beautiful holiday. I know he doesn't fully understand now, but as he gets older I am positive he will learn to understand and love this holiday even more. 

    The weather was not ideal Sunday but we still had so much fun. We dyed eggs and wore casual attire because of the weather. Evan rode a four wheeler with his dad for the first time and totally loved it but refused to get back on. He played so much with all of his cousins and ate a lot of candy. He loved his basket and immediately requested to open his TMNT surprise egg. Spending time with family was great. Not having my mom around is extremely hard but being around aunts and uncles makes things a little easier.
    Overall, our Easter weekend was fun and enjoyable! Hope everyone had a good Easter with family and friends. XOXO


    Easter weekend is here and I finally finished Evan's Easter basket. I took a few trips to Walmart and Target and found cute items that I knew Evan would like. This will be Evan's third Easter and I feel like I can finally explain to him what it's all about. I have made his basket every year and it's a tradition that I really enjoy and I plan to do for many more years. I tried to avoid putting too much candy but it almost seemed inevitable. I also added a few snacks, a book and play-doh. 
    Evan is just so excited. I am so surprised the he is being extremely patient. He knows that he can not open anything inside his basket until Sunday. We bought him a ninja turtle basket that he can play with meanwhile. Tomorrow we are planning to take him to an Easter egg hunt just to get him prepared for Sunday.
    I am linking up with The Good Life Blog and I am just loving all the other kiddo's baskets. You must check them out!!
    Happy Easter weekend!! XO


    Evan has always loved bath time. The only thing he wouldn't enjoy as much was washing his hair. Luckily that has changed. This is now his favorite part about bath time. We have been using Johnson's baby shampoo for as long as I can remember. It's so gentle on his eyes and leaves his hair smelling so good. I catch myself smelling his hair all the time. For some reason the smell reminds me of my mom. She didn't even smell like this but maybe because she used this on all of her kids. 
    For the past few weeks I feel like I have been cherishing moments with Evan a little more. Not that I didn't before, but maybe I am paying more attention if that makes sense. I want to remember more moments with my cool little guy. Bath time has become one of those times where we can just relax and be silly. Evan can't keep a straight face when we start doing silly hair styles and extra bubbles makes everything much more fun. We normally take baths in the evening. He is STILL waking up at night from time to time, and we are STILL co-sleeping so what ever helps him sleep longer is what we do on a normal basis. He is a messy boy and we do have accidents all the time, so at times we have to jump straight in the water. During bath time there are a few things that are a must have. Aside from Johnson&Johnson products we have other products that we can't live with out.
    Favorite Bath Time Products:

    1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
    Do you enjoy bath time with your little one? What are some of your must have bath items/products? I would love to try out new toys and even products! Thanks for stopping by! XO