Nessa's World: October 2015





Halloween is this Saturday! That sounds so crazy to say. Pajamas are our thing during the holidays. Every year I try to find the cutest for Evan. The skeleton pajamas are always my favorite for Halloween. We always purchase our skeleton pjs from Gymboree. They always have adorable Halloween accessories. The past few days we have been living in our pjs thanks to the wonderful weather. We have been preparing for Halloween and Evan loves to show off his spooky wardrobe every night. He wants to put on his Halloween pjs, undies, socks and I'm sure he would sleep in his costume if he could. Evan is set on dressing up as a ninja turtle this year, but last week and this week he has been wearing his pirate and wolf costume accessories around the house. Some days he is Captain Arrrgh and others he's the big bad wolf. Lets just say we are really excited for Halloween and I rounded up a few Halloween favorites. Xo

6. Pumpkin bucket from Walmart


Yesterday we took a trip to The Dallas Arboretum. Believe it or not this was my first time there. Everyone always raves how beautiful it is but I never paid much attention. We took a trip with my in laws and I took advantage to shoot some pictures. It truly is beautiful and I am so happy we went. Evan wasn't feeling it at first. Until he saw all the pumpkins and that really brightened up his spirit. It was my first time there and I didn't realize how many activities they have available for kids. We didn't do any because I had no idea until after we left, but they have pumpkin painting, fish feeding and many others. The entire garden is beautiful but the pumpkin village was by far my favorite. All pictures came out so neat. After walking around admiring all the beautiful plants we sat down for a picnic. Spending a few hours there really relaxes you and makes you appreciate nature a bit more. If I ever get married I think I want to get married there. It's so pretty! We had such a great time I can't wait to go back.

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I love this picture even if it's blurry!
I think these pumpkins are so gross and so cool at the same time. Had to snap a picture. Hope you're having a great week! xo


Hey there mamas! The weather in Texas is finally acting like Fall and we are loving it. We can finally begin to layer clothing and hang out outside for as long as we want. I can't believe we have eleven days left in October. How did that happen? Evan turns three in less than a month. That just sounds so crazy. I haven't started party prepping but I will be on it through out this week. I keep asking what he wants his birthday party theme to be and of course he says ninja turtles. He is such a boy but I love it. We went shopping a few days ago and he saw a ninja turtle t shirt and he just threw it in our cart. I couldn't help but laugh because I realized he is at that age where he's going to start wanting to dress himself. We purchased a pair of of tmnt sneakers from Walmart months ago and he wore them everyday for a month. Now he's really into his natives. He wore them all Summer and still holding on to them.

We haven't been doing much, but this week we will finally start crossing a bunch of things off of our bucket list. We have been keeping Evan's Wardrobe as simple as possible. He is always running and jumping around everywhere. It's hard to dress him up all the time. I normally dress him in sweatpants and a t shirt and he's good to go. With the cooler weather we are able to accessories. I will throw on a vest or even a beanie on him and it makes a simple and comfortable outfit look so much cuter. Evan will wear jeans from time to time, but thank goodness for leggings and sweatpants/joggers. I have been purchasing all of Evans from Gap and Zara.
Vest: Target (Similar Here) // Shirt: Gap // Joggers: Koala Baby // Shoes: Native 
Every Tuesday I will be sharing Evan's Toddler outfits and would love for you to join me. I love seeing how other mamas dress their little ones and I always find inspiration. Link up down below and show off your babe's style! I also started a Pinterest Board, leave your username or email in the comment section and we can pin any toddler fashion inspo.

I really want to do this as a weekly link-up. What do you guys think? Anyone want to join and host or co-host? Shoot me an email. We can eventually start doing giveaways and other fun things for our kiddos. Happy Tuesday! XO



I know we are in the second week of October, but I thought I would still share beauty products I was really loving in September. I am going to start incorporating more beauty posts to my blog that I hope you enjoy. September was horrible to my skin. I decided I wanted to try new products to help me achieve flawless skin. So here I go listening to a bunch of advice from YouTube gurus and bought a few new skin care products. Worst idea ever! My skin went crazy on me. It dried out and broke out on me like never before. I was horrified! I immediately stopped using every single product and went back to my Dessert Essence face wash and moisturizer. These products literally helped my skin gradually go back to normal. After I tone and moisturize I apply Tarte's Maracuja oil and I wake up with baby soft skin. I am still battling flawless skin but I am determined to get as close as possible. As far as makeup I kept it super simple all month. Most days I didn't even do my makeup. However, I did have a few makeup products that I loved. XO
Dessert Essence Face Wash and Moisturizer: I purchased this a few months ago and my skin didn't see any improvement until my skin completely went down hill. I started using this in the middle of September and this helped my skin go back to normal. It has a strong smell but if your skin is going crazy I highly recommend this.

Tarte Maracuja Oil: My holy grail! I have had this for the longest and just started using it. I can't stress how amazing this is. I apply this during my nighttime skin care and I wake up with baby soft skin. Another thing that makes this oil even better is that you can apply it from head to toe.

Benefit Dallas Blush: The perfect shade for all skin tones. I have been wearing this blush for the past two months.

Pop Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer: I contour my face with this bronzer. I normally use a matte bronzer to contour and this has a little shimmer to it, but I still think it still looks great. 

 Lorac Lipstick/NYX Slim Lipliner: I have been into dark brown lips. I line my lips with NYX lipliner in Nutmeg and fill in with Lorac Lipstick in Secret Agent. It's such a beautiful combo and perfect for Fall.

ColourPop Eye Shadow: I haven't been using eye shadow this past month, but I apply a little bit of this shimmer gold eye shadow to the inner corners of my eye.

NYX HD Concelear: This concealer is amazing! I am all out and hoping to repurchase asap! If you have yellow undertones to your skin this looks fabulous under your eyes to conceal dark circles or other imperfections.

Maybelline Master Conceal: A little goes a long way with this concealer. It's so pigmented and is definitely a full coverage concealer. The only downfall to this product is that it's a little drying. I always make sure not to set it with any powder to avoid more dryness.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation: I have combination skin right now so I have to mix this with a dewy foundation, but this foundation maintains my t zone matte.  

Crown Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet: Crown Brushes are such great quality and extremely affordable. This one is a must have.

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We finally took a trip to the Texas State Fair. One more thing that can be checked off of out Fall bucket list. We had such a great time even though I feel like I didn't eat enough. I was on a mission to tackle all of the fried food and it didn't happen. I totally regretted it once we left, but we might make one last trip this week. This year I was a little nervous because I have an almost three year old who is no longer wearing a diaper and hates being on a stroller. My fear was that he would want me to carry him the entire time and he would pee or poop himself. Luckily for me I have a pretty awesome little dude. He did throw a few tantrums but never the less we had a blast. Evan was all about playing games. He was not interested in the rides but maybe next year. He loved the petting zoo. He saw a camel for the first time and he was over the moon excited. The Children's aquarium was neat and the two headed turtle exhibit was pretty freaky but Evan loved it. We went on a Wednesday and got in for $4 because we took four cans of food. To get all the Texas State Fair discounts check out this page.

If we go this week I think I'll be a little more prepared. I will take a backpack instead of a purse, take snack for Evan and I'll take my own stroller. I figured since Evan wasn't into being in a stroller he would be okay walking around. Boy was I wrong! It was a last minute trip so we just kind of got ready and left. Overall we did have fun. It was definitely worth the wait. I wish I would have snapped a few more pictures. Maybe next time. Happy Monday! XO


I discovered ColourPop Cosmetics a few months ago. A old friend kept raving about their lippies, and after browsing their website I knew I would have to purchase a few items. I was literally browsing their web for a few days because I couldn't decide on just one or two products. They currently have Lippie Stix, which are matte, creamy or glossy lipsticks, Lippie Pencils, which are basically a no finish or matte lip liner, Eye shadows, Blushes, highlighters and they recently launched a collection of satin Lippies as well as liquid lipsticks. I just placed another order purchasing a few of their Fall products, which I am sure I will love. The three lippies that I have right now are perfect for Fall. I can do a simple look or a glam look and these colors work perfect. Have you tried any ColourPop products? What are your thoughts? XO
  • Prizes are very affordable
  • Highly pigmented
  • Great packaging
  • Lippie Stix come with a lot of product 
  • Applies easily
  • Creamy and smooth
  • Lightweight
  •  Good for on-the-go
  • Matte products are more of a sheer texture. Personally when I purchase a matte lipstick I want absolutely no shine. Never the less, this product is on my recommendation list. 

I purchased Lumière (the top color), Tootsi (the middle color) and Brink (the bottom color). Overall, this product is just amazing! I literally have been wearing them for the past few weeks, and I am constantly receiving compliments. I love to throw them in my purse to reapply when needed.

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