Nessa's World: February 2016





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Life after a baby will never be the same. Everything changes especially your body, especially your bladder. Let's be honest, who here pees a little when you laugh, or when you sneeze? It's totally normal after having a kid. Let's be real, an accident is bound to happen if you have a weak bladder like mine. It could be as simple as a laughing attack that triggers my bladder. It's happened one too many times. 

It can be really embarrassing talking about it and sometimes you can lack confidence when suffering from bladder leakage. Bladder leakage affects one-third of women so you should never feel alone. I used to walk out of my house everyday wondering if I would be okay going to the grocery store, or to the gym, even going out to eat made me nervous. What would I do if I had an accident and nothing to help manage a leak? Bladder leakage made me feel ugly and insecure. I didn't want to continue avoiding going out. I wanted to feel like myself again. I found a few things that helped my problem and also made me feel better.

Exercise: I recently purchased an elliptical and bike combo workout machine. Even though I am confident enough to go to the gym, with a kid it can be a little challenging. However, I make time in my busy day to workout and be fit at home. Taking care of your body and feeling healthy is such a confidence booster.

Beauty Products: Taking care of my skin and makeup makes me so happy. I have learned to love my skin with and without makeup. For the past two months at the end of the week I get together with my girls and we do everything skin care. We take care of our skin, talk about life and makeup. Dedicating one day to beauty whether it's a facial or a day at the spa will really make you one confident gal. 

Bladder Leakage Pads: I turned to Poise in hope to finally be worry free and prepared. Kroger has a great selection of bladder leakage pads but I reached out for the Thin-Shaped pads. I wanted something comfortable and something that would offer full protection. I consider bladder leakage pads just another step to my beauty routine, and I can stick these babies in my purse without anyone knowing. Get yours today- Click Here to save $1.00 on any Poise Liner or Pad, 30-66 ct at Kroger until March 13, whiles supplies last.
My secret is out! I can finally say that I am confident, and I am learning to love myself again by doing things that make you feel beautiful. I now wake up everyday ready to conquer the world. Thank you Poise for helping me regain my femininity and keeping me confident.

-XOXO Nessa


Evan's vocabulary is rapidly growing. I never knew a three year old talked so much and would bring me so much inspiration. I am so thankful that I have such a smart little guy. He is well behaved and always kind to others. He is also really goofy and lately he will say the most random and hysterical things. Yesterday my sister and I took the kids to a playground and Evan was a little shy at first, but eventually opened up and even interacted with all the other kids there. There were two little girls and he kept asking them if they had seen his karate kicks. I thought it was so cute and hilarious. I thought I would share a few silly sentences and words Evan says with you guys.

What Evan says:
I want a white puppy.
Have you seen my karate kicks?
You can do it mom. (When I workout)
NOW! (He's so demanding)
Barry Allen (The Flash) is the fastest man alive.
I am too old to brush my teeth.
I don't want to be a girl. (When he sees me put on makeup & do my hair)
I need to buy this toy.
My feet smell like stinky socks and barf. (He started saying this after we played bean boozled)

The list can go on but these were so funny to me! Follow me on Snapchat for more cuteness and fun: @Nessas.World Happy Tuesday!
-XOXO Nessa


For the past month or so I have dedicated so much time and attention to my skin. My skin randomly started breaking out all over my cheeks and it's been a nightmare. However, I am finally seeing a dramatic change to my skin after giving it the maintenance it needs. I was never the type of person to take care of my skin. I always had a breakout every now and then but never to this extent. Drug store products always did the trick but now nothing from the drugstore works. I have been purchasing high end products and I have found a few brands that are really helping. One of them being Mario Badescu. These five products are the few that I have purchased and I am obsessed. Personally I feel like the prices are affordable compared to other products I have purchased, and they have worked magic on my skin. My favorites are:
Glycolic Acid Toner: I use this toner every morning and night. It makes my skin feel insanely clean. This toner is suppose to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne and dark spots. I am sure I'll be picking up another bottle soon because this one is more than half way gone.  

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater: I spray this before and sometimes even after my makeup. I will even spray it on days that I don't wear makeup and it's so refreshing. My skin feels so hydrated with this. I absolutely love that it's only $7. So affordable and so effective.

Drying Lotion: After I wash, tone and moisturize in the evenings I add this drying lotion to any blemish and by morning it's gone. I have tried so many spot treatments and none work like this one. My skin doesn't over dry and my blemish is completely gone.

Whitening Mask: Suffering with acne comes with a lot of disadvantages, one of them being scarring. My face scars really easily and even though my skin has cleared up a bit I am now left with dark scars. I use it two to three times a week for ten minutes. I haven't been using this mask long, but I can definitely see a difference.

Seaweed Night Cream: I have been using this every night after my toner and I wake up with baby soft skin. It makes my skin feel smooth, dewy and youthful. 
Are you a fan of Mario Badescu?
-XOXO Nessa



I think Winter is over here in Texas. The weather has been amazing and I am hoping it stays that way. I recently purchased a few items online to get Evan's Spring wardrobe ready. I am currently obsessed with everything that Next has available for boys and girls. Evan is really into super heroes and they have the coolest super hero t-shirts I have seen by far. Their prices are so affordable, they ship in three business days and you receive free shipping with a $30 purchase. I have shopped with them for so long and they are the best. We did a little shopping at Old Navy last week as well. They had a few Spring arrivals and I had to purchase a few tees for Evan. This one is one of my favorites. Have you started shopping for Spring wear for your little one? Happy Tuesday! XO
A few favorites: 



Hey there! Let me start of by saying this weekend was loads of fun. We started off the weekend right with a Valentine's Day party for the kids on Friday. We had a table full of sweets for them and they all exchanged V-Day cards. Last week I shared on Instagram how I gave up sugar for lent, and I wasn't looking forward to the party thinking I would lose control and eat everything. Way to go me because I was able to control myself and didn't really care for anything sweet. Hopefully this week I'll do an update on how I am curving my sweet cravings, healthy sugar alternatives and what I eat in a day. It's been a full five days since I have consumed any sugar. So crazy, I know!

On Saturday my boyfriend had flowers delivered to me. I was in awe because he really nailed it this year. Peonies are my favorite flower! Evan got me Sunflowers along with a huge hug and kiss. We had brunch on Sunday at Masaryk and I personally loved it. If you are in Dallas, near the Garland area and want authentic Mexican food I highly recommend. Overall, it was a really nice and relaxed weekend with my boys. Hope your Valentine's Day was as sweet as mine! XOXO
Evan's Tee is from Old Navy


This past weekend we did a little shopping for more activities to do throughout the week. Play-Doh has been a huge success for the past year. Finger painting, coloring and Lego's are a huge hit as well. We are home most of the week meaning I have to keep Evan entertained. Doing activities with Evan is extremely important but so is playtime wear. Most days Evan doesn't want to wear pants but on the days where he cooperates with mom we keep it as comfortable as possible. We do a lot of messy activities and his clothes are bound to get something on them. I am normally careful with what he wears around the house and I put older clothes on him, but sometimes I specifically shop for his play clothes. We keep indoor play wear as simple as a t-shirt and trousers or just no pants at all. Basics are our go to play wear. My favorite places to shop for play wear is Old Navy, Gap and Zara. Gap has a playtime favorite shopping category and it's seriously amazing! Check it out here. If you have a girl check it out here. These stores are inexpensive and if his clothes get messier than usual, it's okay. Happy Tuesday! XO


I absolutely love the month of February. The colors red and pink just stand out so much this month, and I am constantly buying these colors. Especially when you walk into Target and everything is red and pink. Evan picked out his Valentine's Day cards last weekend and when we got home he was so eager to open them. He didn't really understand what they were, but assumed they were candy and he was so confused when he opened them. It was hilarious. I tried explaining to him what the purpose of the cards were and he just said "oh okay." Within a few minutes there were stickers everywhere. This weekend we will have to buy more for him to hand out next week. My sisters and I are throwing a Valentine's Day party for the kids and I thought I would share a few of my personal favorites. A few are for the party but also just items we are loving this month.  XO

one | two | three | four | five | six (Target: in store only)


The weather has been amazing in Dallas. Like in the 70's, so crazy. Which is why I am loving this denim jacket from H&M. It's perfect for the weather but still warm enough for chilly weather. Plus, it matches with EVERYTHING. We really need to do some shoe shopping for Evan because he is outgrowing all of his shoes. I am really loving these. It has been a bit challenging to dress Evan. Like I mentioned before he won't stop wearing his super hero tee. I washed it three times last week. I think it's cute, but hoping it's just a three year old phase?!

We had a Kung Fu Panda marathon Friday night, and on Saturday we took Evan to see Kung Fu Panda 3. Afterwards we did a little shopping at Target and their dollar section was a bit disappointing. I am hoping to go before Valentine's Day to get a few goodies for our party. We did however purchase a bed for Evan. If you follow me on Instagram you know that he slept with us for three years and he finally asked for his own bed. Today will be day three that he sleep all by himself successfully. YAY! Co-Sleeping got a little crazy at times but I don't regret it at all. He's officially a big boy and I just want to cry!! Happy Tuesday! XO