Nessa's World: EASTER BASKET 2016





I finally put Evan's basket together yesterday. When I laid everything out I realized the majority was candy. I really didn't want to do that this year (like every year), but I let Evan pick everything out. Of course he was going to go straight for the candy. I am for sure adding a toothbrush to his basket.😂 We made a trip to Target and found all these goodies there. Evan was throwing everything in our cart and I made him choose his favorite items. We had a few more but he ate them already.😆 Everything was basically $1.😂 I will be adding a bunny plate and bunny spoon but other than that this is the finished product. I think my favorite is the basket. I am going to use it every year and just purchase a basket liner from Pottery Barn. I am going to take advantage of their huge sale right now on all Easter items. Evan is so happy with his basket and he keeps asking for it every five minutes. I love the way it turned out, simple but cute!

We will be dying eggs, making cupcakes and reading this book to Evan on Sunday. As well as spending time with family and an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Happy Easter Weekend!

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XOXO -Nessa


  1. He gets to pick his own goodies out? Do you not do 'from' the bunny? He picked out all the good things though!

  2. Target has the best stuff! Love your basket and the banner behind him!

  3. I adore the 'happy' banner! We got 99% of our goodies from Target too, can't beat that Dollar Spot :)