Nessa's World: June 2016




My mornings consist of coffee, a yummy breakfast and a whole lot of quality time with my little man. I wake up before Evan every morning and wait for him to wake up so we can eat breakfast together. It's really nice to start off our day with a lot of love and zero distractions. I literally just stare at him the entire time and smile.😍 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is why I always try to choose what is most nutritious and delicious for Evan. Especially when it comes to cereal. That is why we love Honey Nut Cheerios. Honey Nut Cheerios are made with real honey, and their first ingredient is whole grain oats. I can't forget to mention that all Cheerios are now Gluten-Free! It's a win win for all mamas and their kiddos.



Hello Summer! One thing that I love to wear on hot and steamy summer day is a maxi dress. You just throw it on and you look put together and comfortable all day. I am currently loving maxi dresses especially since I am still loosing weight. Wearing a flowy maxi dress is the best way to hide those extra pounds I still have to shed. If it's a oversized maxi dress even better. Honestly, finding a good length maxi dress is challenging for me. I am only 5"1 and most maxi dresses drag on me and tripping over happens a lot. This maxi dress is from TOBI. I got a size medium and I think a small would have been a better option, but I love the oversized look. This one fits me perfectly with a small heel.


If you are like me having a daily schedule is important. That is the only way I will get things done around my home and work. Sometimes our daily schedule can take a tole on us. Some days it's just nice to take a break from our daily routine, sit back, relax and enjoy the day. I think I have broken my daily routine a lot lately. I found myself spending more time with Evan, being more adventurous and just living life. On Monday I decided to cancel all my plans and just spend the day with Evan. Sometimes breaking your routine doesn't always mean going out and being adventurous. To me it can be as simple as staying home and creating special moments with Evan! I was inspired by NESCAFÉ' Clásico Make the Moments Happen campaign. Learn more about it here. I am sharing five ways you can break your daily routine. Are you up for the challenge?

1. TAKE A BREAK: Whether it's a break from cleaning or the kids. I get it we all need a break from time to time, but do we allow ourselves that break? We are so caught up in our routine we don't find time. If you are reading this cancel your routine and take a break today!😜

2. LESS ELECTRONICS: First thing I do when I wake up is check emails or I get on Instagram. Throughout the day I find myself constantly checking my phone. For a change don't rely on any electronics. Challenge yourself and see how much fun living without electronics can be.

3. ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: Go on a road trip, go camping, go swimming or have a picnic at your local park. Spend the day outdoors and have fun!

4. CHANGE UP YOUR MORNING COFFEE: Nescafé is my go to coffee. I normally just add cream and sugar, but sometimes I like to give my coffee a twist. I'll add flavor or look up a yummy recipe on Pinterest. Change up your coffee and start your day off right.

5. BE SPONTANEOUS: Be more of a live in the moment type of person. Randomly go away for the weekend or do something unexpected. Make life more fun and adventurous from time to time.
Thank you NESCAFÉ Clásico for inspiring me to celebrate every moment everyday. Even the simplest ones.😍 I am living day by day by this message. Life is not made of big events, those are few and far in between. Mainly, life is made of little moments, those moments we share with the people we love and make us happy - they make us say: “this is what life is about.” The problem is we wait for these little moments to happen, when we should be making them happen. So let’s not wait for “the right time”, for “the perfect opportunity”, for the “next time…” Let’s make the right time be today, let’s create the opportunity tonight. Let’s celebrate every moment every day. Create your own #MomentoNESCAFE and tag me!❤️

NESCAFÉ Clásico Make the Moments Happen

Check out how NESCAFÉ Clásico and Ricky Martin surprise people who take the risk and break their routine. Watch the video HERE.



Happy Friday! Lately everywhere I shop I see pom poms. I've seen sandals, clothing, accessories and even home decor. I am not going to lie I actually like it. Pom Poms are bright, colorful and fun. I immediately think of Summer. Personally I haven't purchased anything yet, but I came across a few items that have me even more obsessed with this trend. I have seen so many adorable and flirty pom pom sandals lately, and if I don't purchase a pair... this Summer just won't be the same.😂 Am I right? And all these pom pom throw pillows and curtains make me want to redecorate my entire home.

Honestly, shopping for this trend can pricey! I always try to stay at a reasonable price and believe it or not I found amazing pieces on Etsy. You will find everything pom pom there. I found this beautiful clutch on Etsy for $29.😱 I literally want everything pom pom!! How do you guys feel about this trend? Do you own anything pom pom? Let me know!! XO



Summer is almost here you guys and I am slowly adding to my wardrobe. When I saw this floral romper I knew I had to have it.😍 I am a sucker for anything floral, especially for Spring and Summer. This romper from TOBI is soft and sheer perfect for hot summer days. I was a bit hesitant on how it would fit me. I am on the curvy side and with most rompers my butt is always sticking out. This romper however fit my curvy body very well. The elastic waist even helps accentuate my curves. Who is watching The Bachelorette this season? Ahh I am so obsessed with Jojo and she wore a very similar floral romper on the first episode. When I saw her wearing it I immediately thought of this this floral romper. Anything off the shoulder immediately catches my eye these days. TOBI has really great items for summer so I would highly recommend checking them out. If you have never shopped with them before you get 50% off your first order, and anything new in shop is 30% off. I did this a few years ago when I discovered TOBI and you better believe I took advantage of that. Let me know what you think of this floral romper. Does it belong in your closet? XO😘
Romper: c/o TOBI // Shoes: FOREVER 21 // Purse: FOREVER 21