Nessa's World: October 2017





I love this recipe because my family makes it. When we have family gatherings this fruit salad is the first thing everyone runs to. I love that it is not over indulging. You can eat as much as you want and enjoy every bite. This was my first time making it myself and I will for sure continue making it this season. I think it's the perfect dish to take to pot lucks or family gatherings this holiday season. It's a creamy, sweet, and crunchy salad everyone will enjoy. Plus, it is so easy to make. There is one ingredient that is the perfect addition to this salad, Nestlé Media Crema. Nestlé Media Crema gives this apple and pecan salad the final touch. It took me minutes to make once I chopped the apples. Evan's little fingers were all over this salad before I could finish. This fruit salad is SO GOOD!😋 Let me know if you try out this recipe! 


Fall is officially here and even though the weather hasn't gotten the memo I am still so excited. Our decor is out and Evan had so much fun helping me decorate our home. We have pumpkins everywhere and our fall scented candles fully lit. I recently received my order from I  found so many great deals. Everything I love for this season at a low price, because this mama is on a budget. is making shopping for this season convenient and fun! Coffee was the first item I added to my cart and ended up adding six more items, one of them being a cute sweater! Their website makes shopping so easy for this mama. I can avoid having to go into the store with my four year old, who is obsessed with going to Walmart, but only to sucker me into buying him something he doesn't need.😅 This wasn't my first time shopping and I am sure it won't be my last. It's my one stop shop, it's easy, and the prices are always low. Saving me big!!


Many of you don't know this but Evan is skipping Pre-K and will start Kindergarten next year. Meanwhile, I am trying my best to teach him what I can at home and prepare him as much as possible before he goes off to school. Finding activities to do and ways to keep him entertained every day can be tricky, but luckily I have found so many ideas online and even created a lot on my own. Many of our activities involve Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers. We are currently loving Goldfish Colors. We are able to sit down do a fun learning activity, while enjoying a snack and making memories with Goldfish. Using Goldfish in our daily lessons has really helped him learn and grow on a daily basis, and that makes my heart so happy.